If you have no idea how much clip in hair extensions cost then you have come to the right page. Prices will depend on the type of hair you are after. Here at Human Hair Extensions Online we only supply superior remy human hair. Remy human hair is usually pricey than synthetic but thats understandable given the advantages of real hair compared to faux hair. Get real clip in hair extensions at a reasonable price. We stock a wide range of colours and length that can excite your senses.

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Clip in hair extensions prices varies from cheap to expensive ones and we usually attach being expensive to the best quality. But this is not necessarily the case, there are a lot of good quality products that are priced just right. And most often than not those expensive product just over claim what they are selling to rob you off thousands of dollars, that is if you are not vigilant enough.

clip in hair extensions

First we need to discuss the type of hair used for the clip in extensions. There are 3 basic types of hair namely: synthetic, non-remy, remy human hair. Synthetic is basically fake hair so it’s cheaper but downside is it looks unnatural, wont last several uses and cannot tolerate heat.

Next is non-remy, this is human hair but of low quality as it is usually gathered from the floor so the hair does not run in the same direction making it unmanageable and easily tangles. The third type is the remy hair is silky smooth and manageable as the hair runs in the same direction. This can be achieve by tying the hair into a ponytail before cutting them off to ensure the cuticle will run in the same direction.

Under remy hair there are 2 types which are both of highest quality that is intact cuticle and virgin hair. And there are several kinds of remy human hair it varies in thickness and density. We have Indian hair, Chinese hair, European/ Russian hair, Brazilian and Peruvian hair. You dont just pick them out according to what you like you will need to match them with your own hair to make them blend well and natural looking.

So prices varies accordingly depending on the type or kind of hair used, lets review them one by one:

Faux hair – $0.14 to $20 full head

Non-remy Human hair – $50 to $100 full head

Remy Human Hair – $150 to $200 full head

Indian hair – $20 to $90 per piece

Chinese hair – $20 to $70 per piece

European/ Russian hair – $ 100 to $200 per piece

Brazilian hair – $30 to $100 per piece

Peruvian hair – $30 to $100 per piece

All prices above are approximately provided based on the current market price. This can guide you on how much you should pay for your clip in hair extensions.