As we have always been telling you, ladies, human hair extensions are not just an accessory that can help improve your overall look, but it is also an investment. And when investing your money in hair extensions, the first thing that comes into our minds is how long do hair extensions last? See, investing is not all about spending your hard-earned money on something that you find pretty. It is best if you always consider the benefits of investing in that product, how long will it last you and most of all, cost.

In this article, let’s talk about the different popular hair extensions methods available on the market and how long do they usually last- of course, that is with proper care and maintenance. We’ll give you inside information on what these extensions are, how long they last, and what you can do to help prolong the hair’s lifespan as much as possible.

How long do HHEO Hair Extensions Last?


As the name suggests, these hair extension types come with pre-fitted tapes and tape on either side of your natural hair. This method is semi-permanent as they stay on your hair for 6 to 8 weeks before you will need to retape it again at the salon. They are the most popular method on the market due to its convenience for the user, and it does not require heat during installation.


Tape-In hair extensions can last you anywhere from 12 months to 24 months with proper care and maintenance. Tape-ins require retaping every 6-8 weeks since your hair grows, and the tapes move further away from your roots. 

Care & Maintenance:

Make sure that the hair is dried thoroughly before combing or brushing it. When hair extensions are wet, they feel jelly-like, and this is the hair extensions’ most vulnerable state. Make sure to dry your hair extensions properly and brush them using a loop brush. Using the right kind of brush can help prevent hair from shedding and last longer.


Clip In Hair Extensions is by far the least damaging hair extensions method and the quickest type to help you achieve that voluminous hair in under 10 minutes! This type is also best for first-time users who are still deciding whether they should be getting permanent extensions. These extensions come with pre-fitted clips that are clipped on to your natural hair.


The life span of hair extensions may vary depending on how often you wear your extensions and how well you care for them. If you wear your clip-ins regularly, it can last you anywhere between 3 to 6 months. However, if you are like most clients who wear extensions only when needed, such as parties, trust that it can last you for a year or even more. But then again, as stated above, care and maintenance routine still play a big part in prolonging your hair extensions.

 Care & Maintenance:

Like any other hair extensions, investing in hair care products formulated for hair extensions is highly recommended. Avoid shampooing or hair care products that contain sulfate. Natural products are recommended as you can be assured that there are no extra harmful chemicals included. And again, do not brush them when wet as this can cause breakage and other damage that can affect your extensions’ lifespan.


If you are after Arianna Grande’s iconic high ponytail, but your natural hair is not enough to slay that look, this is it! Ponytail hair extensions can make your ponytail from nay to yay! It’s easy to wear extensions, and all you need is to wrap it around your natural hair ponytail and clip the wrap piece that goes around your ponytail base, and voila!

Best to wear for parties, but you can also year it daily if you feel like it.


Similar to clip-ins, the lifespan varies depending on how often you wear your hair extensions. It can go anywhere between 6 to 12 months for regular to weekly use and one year and more if you only put it on if you go clubbing, attend a party, or if you’ve got to hit the runway and slay that sleek ponytail look.

Care & Maintenance:

Since ponytails are most of the time not worn daily, it is recommended to keep it in a safe place like a hair extensions bag, box, or protective gear that can help keep your hair from tangling and matting.