So far, we have covered many areas about hair extensions. We’ve talked about the different types of hair extensions, different methods or techniques on how they are being installed, how to choose the right colour for you, proper care and maintenance, including hairstyle suggestions using hair extensions. There’s a lot of things that we can talk about hair extensions, but in this article, we will go back to where and how it all started. Let’s time travel to How Hair Extensions Started and have a better understanding of this hair trend that we are all enjoying today.


Nowadays, people think that hair extension is just another fad that will soon disappear from the fashion radar. Truth is, hair has always been a part of beauty and style, even before the age of technology. For thousands of years, people all over the world have been experimenting with their hair and look more attractive. In some parts of the world, hair is an important part of one’s culture, religion, and mostly tradition. Hair is not just something that women obsess about. It is beyond beauty and fashion. It is symbolic in many ways.


Did you know that hair extensions have always been there since the ancient Egypt times? Going back to 3400 BC, the Egyptians were so in love with extensions that even Cleopatra wore them, which we bet helped her attract two great generals Marcus Antonius and Julius Caesar. According to research, they used resin and beeswax to attach human hair with sheep wool as hair extensions. Well, we know it is not a glamorous way of getting that dream hair volume, but that’s what their concept of human hair extensions was in that era.

Later on, they started sewing hair into braided hair, thus the birth of sewn-in extensions. About 3,300 years ago, in the City of Armana, a woman was laid to rest with an incredibly elaborate hairstyle wearing about 70 hair extensions. 

Hair is not just a symbol of beauty and femininity, nor a representation of culture, religion and tradition. It also symbolised one’s social status, where only the wealthy ones can afford beauty and everything that can help them enhance their looks. This, later on, paved the way for wigs.


King Louis XIV of France was quite a trend-setter during his reign. When the king started to become bald, he started wearing powdered wigs. He had his own wig makers create large and long wigs. Eventually, this style was adopted by the noble class of the era. Ever heard of periwig or perruque, this is it! 

Later on in the 1800s, the hairpieces later transformed into Apollo Knots characterized by tight curls and were tied near the hair roots, creating hair mounds and bundles. This introduced clip in hair extensions which they called “switch”, and made its debut around the 1900s.


Among the most popular icons who sported the beehive hairstyle was Audrey Hepburn. This style was achieved with fake hair, often attached to a hairband. During this time, long hair extensions were really not a thing, because it is rather expensive. The girl band Ronettes, who popularized the Be My Baby song rocked this look flawlessly.


Hair Extensions began to gain its popularity and was used predominantly in this decade. As hair extensions were expensive, they began to develop less expensive and easy to use techniques ensuring widespread market demand. It was also in this decade where fashion coloured hairpieces became popular.

During this time, celebrities and supermodels like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and many more had a great influence on our hairstyle. Of course, we all, at one point, had that “ I want to look like her” dream. Tyra Banks had numerous catwalks during this year and was seen wearing hair extensions in one of her international fashion shows. And oh! Pretty sure you went dancing to the beat of Britney Spears’ Oops, I Did It Again, where she sported a long clip in extensions in her music video.


One of today’s most talked-about celebrities is the Kardashian sisters. Well, these girls bring a lot of surprises to the table and have been icons when it comes to beauty and fashion. We as “fans” of celebrities and other influencers, we use hair extensions to change up our style for events, add more volume to our thinning hair, and achieve that dream hair length without counting weeks to months of growing an inch.

What we are most fortunate about is that, in this era, we now have the technology that can help develop premium quality hair extensions to suit all our fashion requirements. Nowadays, we have a multitude of high-quality hair extensions Sydney brands that you can find online and in-store.

Truly, hair extensions revolutionised and unlocked all possibilities we never thought is possible in hairstyling. Having a glimpse of its history makes us appreciate hair extensions more and not just see it as a quick go-to in achieving that voluminous and longer locks we all want.

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