Among the most common questions that women who are new to wearing hair extensions ask are, where can I get good hair extensions? What type of human hair extensions should I get? How long will they last? Any hair extensions Sydney brand that you can recommend? There are tons of questions that we can think of, but in this article, let’s talk about How Hair Extensions Are Put In.

As you go through this article, other questions like which type should you get will be answered, and let us also give you hints where to find the best human hair extensions that will provide you with value for money.


First, let’s talk about the type of hair extensions. Of course, the installation process will depend on which hair extensions type you will purchase. Among the most popular methods are Tape-ins, clip-ins, ponytail, and weft. As their names suggest, tape-ins come with pre-fitting tapes, clip-ins have pre-fitted clip or snaps, and ponytail to help you achieve that Ariana Grande ponytail vibe and weft if you want a semi-permanent type of hair extensions.


Now that you are familiar with the types of human hair extensions let’s now dive into the installation method.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-ins rapidly increased its popularity over the years due to how quick and easy it is to install. Although most of the time, the majority of hair extensions users go to their trusted hairdressers for installation, a few people like to explore and do the installation on their own. So how do we install this extension again?

Tape-in extension comes with pre-fitted tape bonds. The idea is to sandwich a thin layer of hair between the top and bottom extensions. The adhesive tapes stick together through the layer of hair. Now, if you are wondering if it’s sturdy enough? Definitely yes! HHEO Tape in hair extensions come with US grade tapes that stick well to your hair and will last you 6 to 8 weeks before you will need to get a retape. Proper maintenance is also highly recommended.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

This type is popular amongst women who are not ready for permanent extensions and want to get a temporary hair upgrade for special events like weddings, birthdays or whenever they feel the need to get a vavavoom look!

As the name suggests, it comes with clips or snaps along the lace tracks. First, section your hair accordingly, then get a piece of clip in the weft, then install the hair by clipping it on to your real hair. Why do women love this? Well, you can do it on your own and be ready in under 5 minutes. Best for women who are always on the go!

Ponytail Hair Extensions

The only go-to hair extensions are you want to achieve that Arianna Grande Dangerous Woman vibe. Ponytail extensions come with a clip along the ponytail weft that clips on to the base of your natural hair ponytail. Then wrap the long tightening hairpiece around the base of your ponytail, then bobby pins the end of the piece into the ponytail, and voila! Yes babe, no need to get someone to install it for you. You can do it on your own, and you’re ready to slay that ponytail look.

Weft Hair Extensions

Some ladies want their hair extensions to be permanent, as this saves them time in the morning fixing their hair and achieving that voluminous tresses. With weft hair extensions, you can either have them sewn into your braid box. The hairdresser will thread a needle and stitch the weft of hair extensions on to your hair. If you don’t want this method, another form of weft extensions called microbead weft extension comes with silicon microbeads along its tracks where sections of your hair will be inserted through the microbeads, using a loop-like needle and tightened using a plier used for installing hair extensions. This method is recommended for those who want a semi-permanent effect without dealing with adhesives.

So that’s an overview of how each hair extensions method is installed, and we hope that this should make your hair extensions shopping easier. Should you have any questions or need recommendations in choosing the best hair extensions for you, please email us at