Using the flat iron for the purpose of straightening locks on the regular is one of the causes of heavy damage to each of the strands on your head. Fortunately, there are numerous things which can be done at home to achieve straight strands for good. Follow these steps correctly, and you can expect your locks to look ready for whatever party or event you wish to attend. Doing every single one of the following steps correctly is also the best way to prepare your locks for the installation of any Human Hair Extensions Online products.


* Choose a Relaxer to Use. Retail shops will have numerous relaxers available. You may also try getting in touch with your local salon (or whoever is supplying the salon) for products to choose from. Ultimately, you will need to choose whether you will want a relaxer that has lye and a relaxer that does not have lye. Relaxers without lye are easy to find, but they can leave strands damaged and dull.


* Put on protective equipment. When doing this task, you need protection for your clothing, hands, and skin. Some things that can protect you when doing this task include disposable gloves, a worn towel, and a worn shirt.


* Mix the product. Often, relaxer kits contain packets of different pastes or creams. Mix the contents together, following manufacturer instructions. When doing this, make sure that a wooden spatula is used, and that you allow the product to sit for a short time right before you begin using it.


* Apply a liberal amount of petroleum jelly around the ears, hairline, and neck to protect the skin from the chemicals.


* Test the chemical. You want to avoid slathering chemicals on your head without doing any tests. Otherwise, any adverse effects you notice will be difficult to sort out.

To test the relaxer, apply it to one small section on your head. Leave it there, following instructions or until results are seen. Next, wash the relaxer off and let your locks dry. Is there damage or breakage? If you do see any damage, choose a different product to use.


* As you should have the relaxer on your head for only a fixed time, make sure to set the timer according to the time set by the manufacturer. Any excess time the relaxer spends on the head can do major damage to the strands.


* Time to apply the product all over your head! When doing this, make sure to apply relaxer in 0.6-centimetre sections from root to tip. The application should be even, and no product should get to the scalp.


* Once you have applied the product, get a large comb and use it to even out the relaxer across all strands. When this step is done, being attentive to the time is necessary. Remember that for any excess time the product mix spends on your head, the more damaged the strands get.


* Rinse the product mixture from your head using water, then apply shampoo. Rinse the shampoo afterwards.


* Apply conditioner to seal the locks and prevent any damage to them.


* At this point, all strands should be as straight as the high quality hair extensions from Sydney that you can purchase from our website.