HHEO offers a wide range of tape in colour selections, ranging from the deepest black to the lightest blonde, with 6 luscious shades: #16 Beige Blonde, #22 Natural Blonde, #24 Golden Blonde, and best sellers #60 White Blonde,#60A Ice Platinum Blonde, #601 Silver Stone, and #613 Beach Blonde.

If you have  naturally blonde hair or just wanting to achieve that blonde hairstyle but just having trouble which HHEO Blonde Shade will best suit you, read on to learn more about the difference between these lovely blonde shades.


#16 Beige Blonde 

This is our darkest shade of blonde, that has a beautiful blend of honey, caramel, and ashy highlights. Its tone is almost similar to a strawberry blonde. This colour is ideal for those who have naturally light hair. Check out singer and actress, Rita Ora stepped on to a red carpet event with this beige blonde, vintage curls.

#22 Natural Blonde

This shade is a beautiful creamy colour with lots of golden undertones without being too brassy. This is best for girls with a natural touch of gold shade on their hair. here’s our favourite Hollywood actress, Emma Stone on her sweet natural blonde look.

#24 Golden Blonde

This colour is a perfect blend of golden and caramel undertones. It is a somewhat light or pale version of a champagne blonde. “Legally Blonde” lead role, Resse Witherspoon in her golden blonde tresses.

#60 White Blonde

This is one of our “Best Sellers”! What’s good about this colour is that it’s flexible as it matches most of the blonde types and can be easily toned by hairdressers to achieve a different level of blonde as it can easily absorb colouring agents. This colour has a subtle ash cool undertone that fits bleached white hair or toned hair. It’s also a great alternative for #613 Beach Blonde. Inspirational musician, Lady Gaga sport a long and wavy white blonde extensions.

#60A Ice Platinum Blonde

HHEO is proud to offer this newest addition to our blonde shades! Since Platinum hair has been a favourite hair colour amongst models, actresses, and girls around the world. This shade is the lightest of all blondes and is best for fair to medium skin tones with a little yellow undertone. Here’s Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence looking stunning in her platinum blonde style.

#613 Beach Blonde

Another most raved blonde shade in our collection! #613 Beach blonde is also known as Snow White and is a great alternative for #60 White Blonde.

So to sum it all up, Beige Blonde a dark type of blonde, while Natural Blonde and Golden Blonde offer a creamy caramel blend with a hint of gold. White blonde has an ashy undertone while its alternative Beach Blonde offers a slight hint of yellow. But if you want to go really light, go for our Ice platinum blonde which is the palest shade in our blonde collection.

If your hair is just too dark for any of our blondes, you may choose from our dark colours here.

If you still are unsure which HHEO shade is for you, simply take our FREE colour matching service or email us at info@hheo.com.au and we’ll be happy to recommend a colour.