Ponytail extensions are a favourite among women who love to spruce up their looks and even for special occasions. A high ponytail is a flexible and classic hairstyle that can be worn during hot summer days and even for red carpet events.


Ponytails are not only exclusive for those with long hair. Even women with short hair can now sport fashionable elegant ponytail styles simply by adding clip in ponytail extensions to their hairstyling routine.


A ponytail doesn’t have to be smooth and sleek all the time. You can make clip-in ponytail extensions look soft or messy depending on the type of occasion you are attending or the mood you are in. Ponytail hair extensions can help add height and volume to your real hair effortlessly.


Clip-in ponytail hair extensions come in various lengths, textures, and colours. With the flexibility of ponytail extensions, you can add them to any type of hairstyle activity; be it to change the volume or feel of your hairdo.


In this article, we will give you a quick run through on how to install clip in ponytail extensions at home.


  • Create a small ponytail with your actual hair. Secure this to the crown portion of your head. This will act as a base where you can directly attach clip-in ponytail extensions.
  • Take the biggest weft and begin clipping it on the ponytail base. When installing clip- in extensions, make sure to attach it as close to the base as you possibly can to ensure a tighter and more secure fit.
  • Continue the process by clipping in the other wefts onto the base.
  • Gather all the wefts into a high ponytail. At this stage, it is also important to conceal all the wefts and the clip ins, too. A smaller base is easier to conceal. If you have a thicker or bigger ponytail base, you will need an extra weft to cover all the clip-ins at the base.
  • Secure the ponytail extension with an elastic band.


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