Long hair in women has always been a symbol of beauty and youth. Although it’s never right nor just to judge a woman through her physical attractiveness, long hair exudes natural femininity like no other.

Unfortunately not all women are blessed with a head full of hair. There are factors that influence hair growth and length including genetics and work-related limitations. These challenges however should not stop women from looking their best and feeling attractive whenever they please.

Hair extensions help women showcase their beauty and creativity. A ponytail extension for instance is an excellent example of how a simple hair accessory can transform your look from plain and simple to sleek and elegant with a simple clip, twist, and go!

  • Easy Installation

Women who use extensions need two to three full head extensions to create a ponytail. Whilst effective, this is a time-consuming activity that most women should never bother with at all. A Remy ponytail extension is shaped like a ponytail and come in various lengths. The piece is installed using the clip-ins attached at the back. Clip-ins ensure secure placement so you don’t have to worry about it falling out. This innovative hair accessory will add the much-needed length and volume to your hair in less than 1 minute. This easy installation feature is definitely one of the main reasons of its popularity among women in recent years. Lastly, using clip-in ponytail extensions are more comfortable to wear than using multiple full clip-ins as ponytail.

  • Style Your Hair Any Way You Want

One simple and easy way to spice up your look is by trying out different hairstyles. The ponytail is one of the most popular ways of hair grooming that makes it look and feel elegantly beautiful. There are different ways to ponytail your hair from the polished high and might ponytail, sweet and side-swept, to poufed pony, the possibilities are endless. You can style, straighten, colour, and curl your ponytail extensions, leaving your actual hair free from damage and fall out. And with quality clip in ponytails, you can use them for months, even years when cared properly.

  • Available in Various Lengths and Colours

Hair colours range from jet black to light blonde. There are up to 10 shades to choose from, so we’re confident you’ll find one that compliments your existing hair shade. To achieve that luxe look, we highly recommend 20-inch and 22-inch ponytails.

 Where to buy the best ponytail extension?

Just imagine the endless styles that you can make with Remy ponytail extensions. It’s time to shop your very own clip in hair extension kit. Check out our amazing collection here or call us at +61 1300 489 337 so we can answer anything and everything about human hair extensions.