Wigs are now commonplace in mainstream society. What was once used mainly by models, and celebrities are now quite common in society. Wigs are not only hair accessories but are fashion statements which allow users to express themselves. As part of everyday wear for most women, it is only imperative to learn proper care and maintenance as well as the styling of human hair wigs.


In this post, we will reveal useful tips and tricks for wig care and styling. We hope that through this guide, your human hair wigs stay strong and beautiful, so they last for many years to come.


  • Identify what type of wig you have purchased


If you buy wigs online, some sellers may not be too clear on whether they are 100% human hair, synthetic hair, or a mix of both. Typically, wigs that are made from synthetic hair or mixed with human hair are more prone to breakage and tangling. Human hair wigs are exceptional in that they can be styled and treated without experiencing damage.


Whether you have a blonde wig or a mullet wig, make sure to follow the care instructions enclosed with your wigs upon purchase.


  • Invest in hair care essentials that are formulated for human hair wigs


The ingredients found in regular shampoos are too harsh for wigs. To ensure that your wigs retain their shine, strength, and beauty, only use a shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for wigs only. They are milder and more effective in cleansing and conditioning the hair more so than conventional hair care products.


  • Avoid using the use of hair sprays or hair shine products on wigs


It may be tempting to use styling products such as hair sprays and shine sprays on your wig. Professionals recommend staying away from them as much as possible. Using styling products can result in the accumulation of chemicals that dull and damage the hair strands.


  • Reduce the use of heat in styling your wigs


Just like real hair, human hair wig may suffer from damage when styled frequently. If you want to dry a newly-washed lace front wig or blonde wig, we highly recommend to air dry them instead. In the case of curling your wig, consider the use of hair rollers instead.


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