Tape-in hair extensions may look complicated for first-time users but they are the easiest to install. Of all the hair extension application techniques, tape-in is undeniably the simplest one you can install and style at home. In this article, we will give you a few styling tips when working with tape-in hair extensions.


  • Do not forget to use the right kind of brush


To maintain the beauty and integrity of your tape-in hair extensions, make sure to use the right type of brush. For combing or brushing the hair, we highly recommend using detangling the brush for both dry and wet hair extension. You may also want to look at bristle brush as this specific type of styling tool keeps the hair smooth and free from fizz.


  • Master the backcombing technique


Backcombing delivers a few good benefits, especially when styling hair extensions. Backcombing with a hair teaser adds more volume to your hair. If you want your hair to look healthy, do not forget to backcomb and then smoothen out the topmost layers for a beautiful, no-frizz effect.


  • Be cautious when using oil-based styling products

Styling products that mainly consist of beneficial oils help in taming unruly, frizzy hair. The only downside to using them is that it can make the hair greasy. When using tape in hair extensions, the greasiness of oil-based styling products can be a bit problematic as it breaks down the adhesive components of the tape. When applying oil and other moisturising haircare solutions, make sure to not apply them directly onto the tape.


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