Hair, is the woman’s crowning glory; it can make or break you so we have to take care of it. But, like it or not, as we age, the more prominent the bare patches, or even baldness, are as hair loss increases and regeneration slows.

How do we address this concern? A concern which affects 40% of women in their 60’s in a most devastating way.

  • – Our first piece of advice must be to seek and utilise medical help. More often than not, there should be an underlying cause. Menopause, pregnancy or other hormonal changes can be triggered by overactive thyroids and result in hair loss, but fear not, female hair loss is mostly reversible. This should be readily addressed by seeing your G.P. to allow them to pinpoint the exact cause.
  • – Change your diet, what you are eating might not be providing enough nutrients to make your hair strong and healthy. Eating iron rich foods like branflakes, liver ,soya and kidneys will supply the minerals you need. And since protein and zinc are also important we must include wheatgerm, egg yolk, shellfish and pumkin seeds.
  • – If you cannot eat the required foods then take the necessary vitamins and supplements.
  • – To conceal thin patches use volumising shampoo and hair spray to make the roots stiff thus making the hair appear fuller.
  • – Be adventurous with your hairstyle, find one that can create a sense of volume like curling short hair up to the roots. This will surely give a full look that you need.
  • – Cold rinse, this may or may not work but some hair experts atest to its effectivity on closing the cuticle thus making it swell a bit. It doesn’t hurt to try it and see for yourself.
  • – Air dry your hair after bathing but if you really need to have it blow dried make sure you set your hairdryer to its lowest setting to avoid flattening fine hair. I highly suggest that you blowdry in an upside down position if possible, like back-combing, this too can make hair look full.
  • – According to studies aromatherapy can help by massaging a mixture of the following essential oils into the scalp: two drops of thyme, two drops of atlas cedarwood, three drops lavender, three drops rosemary, half a teaspoon of jojoba oil and four teasepoons of grapeseed oil.
  • – An indian massage is found to also help in stimulating scalp and strengthen hair roots. Just mix coconut, almond, sesame and olive oil and gently massage.
  • – Be wary of anti-baldness pills such as Propecia, take note that only post menopausal women can take these as they have been linked to birth deffects.
  • – Consider hair replacement surgery, undeniably expensive but effective.
  • – Consider using human hair extensions. They do help you boost your self-esteem.

Whatever works for you… you deserve it.