Halloween Season is almost here, babe! Kids and adults are surely excited to dress-up and be someone else for Halloween Night. Kids are excited about Trick O’ Treating’ while adults, especially ladies… are thrilled about putting on their favourite movie character make-up, and sexy character costumes or scarry icons- but most ladies like to throw their sexy side on Halloween. (wink). It’s probably one of the most thrilling events of the year.

There are lots of fun and easy to do Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube and on Instagram. But aside getting the best outfit to pair with that makeup, your hair will always be the most important thing to keep in mind, if you want to achieve that dream Halloween look!

Here are some of the favourite Halloween 2020 Inspirations you can try this year, even if it means you’re attending a Virtual Halloween Party.

Harley Quinn

The Harley character is one of the most popular themes for Halloween and lots of ladies just love putting on her sexy, bad girl vibe! From those super short shorts, to that colourful motor jacket and signature high blonde pigtails, who wouldn’t love to wear this costume for Halloween?                                                              Photo by Chasing Daisies Blog

To get a full-on Harley Quinn chic look, give those pigtails an extra oomph! Using HHEO Ponytail Extensions. As what they say, thicker and longer ponytails are just way too irresistible.

Sexy Cat Look

Get ready to channel that inner feline in you this Halloween! It’s one of the easiest looks that you can try. With the right dark eyeshadow, eyeliners, falsies, neckband and kitty headband, you’re sure going to slay this look like a diva!

Photo by StayGlam.com via Pinterest

Of course, you have to go bold with your hair to complement the simplicity of your make-up compared with other looks like the Harley Quinn. Get that hair an extra boost with a full head tape-in human hair extensions and give it some light or lose curling using your favourite curling wand or hair iron. And ow! Do not forget to spritz heat protectant spray before curling your hair, okay?

Cruella DeVil

“My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t?”, remember this famous line? Of course, you do! Cruella De Vil, 101 Dalmatian’s main antagonist is a character that no one will ever dare forget.  With her fashion sense and a strong desire to create a coat out of puppies furs, it is both stirring but mostly infuriating.

Checkout this Cruella De Vil inspired look, that you can try this Halloween with the help of some tape in extensions or, you can also get a Cruella De Vil inspired hair wigs if you are not ready to wear this hairstyle for a few weeks.

Photo by Chasing Daisies Blog

Ice Queen

If you do not wish to put on that usual scary look or seducing vibe, and you just want to be somewhere in between, we’ll make this look, and you are on your way to being the Night’s eye candy!

  Photo by Glamour Magazine UK via Pinterest

If you are ready to get that Platinum White Blonde on or you’ve got a white blonde natural hair, this should be perfect for you! All you need is an extra volume and length and you can use sewn-in or tape-in extensions for this look.

Wonder Woman

Of course, who can ever forget the inspiring demi-goddess Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince? Wonder Woman as we all know is the daughter of Hypolyta, Queen of the Amazons and the mightiest of the Gods of Olympus, Zeus. Diana has a heart of gold, she chose to leave her home to help send out a message of peace, fighting for justice and equality in the world of the mortals.

If you share the same ideals as Diana aka Wonder Woman, then there’s no reason for you to not be your own Wonder Woman for Halloween Night! You can steal this look with a good 5 piece set of clip-in hair extensions which is available in-stores or online.

Photo by Chasing Daisies Blog

For more fun Halloween Inspiration, send us an email at info@hheo.com.au or share with us any tips and tricks you have in mind using hair extensions. We’re sure HHEO babes would definitely love to learn them too!