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Gone are the styles that are so neat and well-kept it has been outshined by hairstyles that appears natural and more softer. Here are the latest hairstyles that will help you capture the heart of men.

i wake up like this

“I wake up likes this” look

This hairstyle is a slightly messy look that looks like you just got up from bed, which was popularly adapted from famous Cara Delevingne’s devil-may-care everyday look. It is so natural looking hair that is so refreshing and effortlessly done.


Unkept waves

Messy or unkept waves are truly great for all occasion, day or night because it so easy and absolutely low maintenance. Just randomly get lumps of hair and wrap it around your curling iron to create beautiful, natural waves that would set your date on fire.

old fashion half up half down

Old fashion half up, half down

This classic hairstyle that is always present during special occasion. It has a lot of versions but the all share the same back-comb look on every form.

Simple deep side part

Simple deep side part

An awesome style to start your day! A simple side-parted style that is tuck behind your ear and just add body to end of your hair. You can also opt to tease the roots to add volume.

Layered high- pony

Layered high- pony

A spicy get-up that gets attention! Get layers and get half up into a high pony or get them all up in a high pony, whichever you prefer is a flawless hairstyle day in and day out. So it is best for office during daytime and party at night. If you wanted more body you can always add a clip-in extensions.


Sunny beach waves

Look summery at any season with that oh so perfect beach curls. Appear revitalize at anytime of the day by curling it loosely and avoid including the ends of the hair.

Side swept glamour

Side swept glamour

An old time fave where the hair is pulled at on side while it glides down your collar bone on the other side. This is a an awesome evening hairstyle that gives you a seductive edge as it gives a nice view of you neck.

I hope you have learn something on what’s hot on today’s hairstyles!