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HHEO-clip-in-hair-extensions Perfect haircuts will depend largely on your face shape - oval, long, round, square or heart – all these shapes will have a corresponding cuts to show off your best feature. Unless you have an oval face then you would look good in almost everything. Perfect Hair For You One very important tip to remember to compliment your looks is to create an illusion that you have an oval face. So each face shape has a specific cut to make their faces more oval than it really is. The results are dramatic, it utterly looks like a fairy uses a wand to transform you to your best versions. But truth is it's not magic, it just chooses the right haircut to emphasize what you already possess- your unique beauty. For round shape: To camouflage the roundness, you redirect the attention to the hair by creating an illusion of length. So the recommended hair length for round-faced women should be a couple of inches below the chin and not shorter than that. But also keep in mind to consider your hair texture and personality in choosing the perfect cut for you. For Square shape: Square faces look exceptionally gorgeous with extra long hair. They look great in photos and mind you they are also known to age very well. For long faces: Sticking to a shoulder-length hair is the safest to go to, which is between your chin and shoulders and absolutely no longer than that. And adding some waves would even make it awesome. For heart shape face: It is a YES for long, side-swept bangs. To over up the wider top a side-swept bangs can draw the attention away from your wider top and redirect it to your eyes. The bangs should hit from the arch of your brow to the outer corners of your eyes. Never ever cut your bangs too short. For oval faces: Congratulations, you have the most versatile face shape so you can wear almost anyhairstyle without any hitch. You can wear any length, but the cream of the crop would be layers down the side of your face from your cheekbones, lips and chin. So that would be all folks. I hope you know how to enhance your looks by carefully choosing the right cut for you!