Wigs used to be a women’s little secret, not anymore. Women in all walks of life have embraced  it  and cherished it.  It gives the women the power to change their looks as often as they can. With the versatility it offers, who can say no to wigs? Now there are synthetic  wigs and then there are real hair wigs. You can choose according to your budget,  how long you intend to be using it and the style and colour.  Quality wigs should always be on top of your mind if you are after long term use.  Human Hair Extensions Online has been one of the distributors of the highest quality hair extensions and the good news is, they are planning to add wigs to their list. So why go shopping with other online stores when you have one trusted online shop right underneath your nose.

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Do you want to be a pro when it comes to wearing a wig? You have come to the right place. I will share some tips on the do’s and don’ts that will make you stand out without them ever finding out it is a wig. So what do you need to do or not to do? I have compiled some list that can help you wear it without a hitch and make it appear natural.

Woman Hair Wig

Do get a natural looking wig like a human hair wig in a trendy style

Don’t go for brazen colours  and be extra cautious with retro styles, remember not everyone can pull it off like Nicki Minaj

Don’t wear  the wig right from the package.

Do take it to your favorite hairstylist and have it cut accordingly. The stylist would know what style best suit your features.

Do choose hairline that looks natural.

Don’t ever go for hairline that is shaped like a crescent moon.

Don’t give too much  volume at the crown, it’s like calling attention to your wig.

Do wear age-appropriate wigs ,but if you can pull it off, then go for it!

Do wear lace fronts only if you’re a pro, otherwise leave it with the experts. Even Hollywood stars can get lace fronts wrong, so when in doubt, don’t even try to wearing them.

Don’t use wig glue that often, that is if you love your edges.

Do wear a half-wig as they look more natural as they show half of your own natural hair, but you have to ensure you have installed a wig that shares the same texture as your own.

Do use a paddle brush to brush out curls to make it more natural.

Do maintain the wig shape by storing or placing them on a wig head.

Do keep your hair flat and smooth underneath your wig cap.

Well, that’s about all the wiggy tips I can share, do you have anything to share too?