Goodbye greasy hair

Oil producing glands depends on each person some produce more than others. It varies in each person because of several factors like genetic factor, stress, diet, medication or wrong hair product. Here is how to take care of you oily hair and make it look silky and less greasy.

How often you wash your hair will also affect your oil production. Professional hairdresser have been advising us not to wash our hair that often as it can strip natural oils from our scalp and this can result to either excessive dryness or over production of oil. Since individually we are different so what works for others may not work for you. So you have to see which ones work better for you. If you opt to wash everyday then find a very mild shampoo.

When you washed your hair is also important as this will determine why you have produced extra oils. For example if you wash before bedtime this will give more time to produce more oil so you will wake up with an oily hair. So stick with morning wash if you have oily hair to keep it looking fresh for longer.

Dry shampoo is encouraged to combat oiliness without the hassle of washing the hair with water and regular shampoo. This is also made to let your hair rest from the harmful effects of chemicals on your shampoo. Remember what our hairdresser said about the possible effects of washing your hair everyday? And how important and healthier it is for our hair if we give it a rest from regular shampoo? I say this is true, just need try doing it and feel the difference.

Of course, one very obvious reason could be over conditioning. Even if the conditioner was specifically made for oily hair doesn’t mean you can use as much as you want. Just use the conditioner sparingly if you have hyper active oil glands; and focus on applies it on the strands to your hair ends excluding the roots.

Changing your brushing routine like minimize brushing of hair as this can stimulate your hair follicles to produce more oil than it already is. Second, avoid touching hair to steer clear of spreading oil and dirt. You can find a hairstyle that is easy to maintain without you constantly repositioning a few strands.

Another probable reason you have an active oil gland is product build up. Do you pile up products onto your hair? You might not notice it but if you think about it this may have contributed to your current hair issue- greasiness. So the next time you shop, don’t get tempted by those hair goodies that promises all sorts of solution. Buy only what you need and apply moderately.

Finally, have you heard of Apple cider vinegar and how it has help hair concerns? If you haven’t, it’s about time to give it a try. Rinse hair with ¼ cup ACV with a cup of cold water to stop oil over production. Or you could pour on beer and then rinse with cold water; this will certainly give you the same effect as the ACV rinse.

There you go, all of the solutions mentioned above are case by case basis since we all have different chemical build up so it’s up to you to experiment on which one works for you best. Best thing is you can still apply this even if you are wearing hair extensions—be it tape extensions or hair weft.

Please share this to your friends who you think have the same concerns. If you have other ideas on how to address the issue at hand please feel free to share it below.