Hair tint can be temporary or permanent depends on how you want them. You can apply it on all the hair or just in random portion. With thousands of hair colours, it’s no wonder one will get overwhelmed by all the selections. Just keep in mind to choose the best for your hair. Otherwise, if you are unsure, you can always try to introduce the colour to your hair in bits and pieces with hair extensions without fully committing to it. You can pick out subtle to bold tones, pastel to ombre which ever you fancy trust that we at Human Hair Extensions Online have the right shade for you, if we don’t,  then we could always customize a colour just for you. Have a chat with our friendly customer service now.


To give you a sneak peak of the colours we offer:



Hair tint is considered permanent hair colour because of its peroxide content that binds the colour molecule to the hair. This is what most people use to cover up their grey hair or colour the roots with when it has grown to over an inch after colouring your hair. This type is generally safe as it does not have the tendency to be over processed because the  time allotted is only 30 minutes for the colour to stick to your hair.


You will to commit to maintaining the roots every now and then when the hair grows to an inch or so. If you wanted to reverse  the hair colour it may be very difficult, so before deciding on the colour you will have to test a few strands to check its outcome before going all out.

If choosing the right colour for you is choosing any colour you like then that would be downright easy, but it doesn’t work that way.  There are factors you need to consider before selecting the right tone, but among those on the list the top 3 are: eye colour, natural hair colour and skin tone. Now, these factors are also considered by the professional stylist before picking out the right shade for you. This also lessens  the time for you in deciding as you don’t need to do a trial and error for this.

But of course, if you have a dauntless spirit you can always experiment on hues that are not commonly seen. Just keep in mind to apply them on a few strands before you apply it on the entire hair. Avoid irreversible mistake as this is a permanent hair colour that does not  go away easily after a few washes.

So, to ensure that the hair tint is the best for you, here are some guidelines that you can follow:


First step:

Planning your look will give you a map so you know which way to go or follow and not just blindly move forward, kinda scary don’t you think?

Second step:

Collecting pictures of the hair colour you want can get you closer to getting the right tone, whether it is a digital or physical image, it is fine as both shows  the colour of the hair you want.

Third step:

If you are planning a haircut too, do it before colouring it.  This can save you time and money  as you need more time and dye to cover long hair, thus doing this prior colouring saves both.

Fourth step:

How committed are you to getting the tone you want? This is critical, especially for those who want an extreme change  like black to blonde and vice versa as this needs regular maintenance because of the vast difference of the shade chosen.  Where as if the change is subtle then it is not necessary to to touch ups now and then.

Fifth step:

Determining your skin tone is also important as this info can guide you on hair tones that would look great on you. You can check  if your undertone is warm or cool by holding your palm up facing outwards and checking  the veins colour.  If you see blue, then you are cool and for warm you will notice a greenish vein.

Sixth step:

Notice your eye colour, this always goes with the hair tone.  You have to make sure that the hair shade chosen compliments your eyes.  Here are some matches made in heaven:

Hazel or Brown eyes  go  well with dark browns.

Grey or Blue eyes  are  a match for cooler tones like ash  or light gold.

I hope this blog has helped you find the best hair tint for you. If you have something to add or comment, please do so below. We welcome your suggestions.