Do you often wonder why you get a different result when you colour your hair at hair salon compared doing it at home? Why do you get the magnificent outcome after a visit to the hair salon? Whether it’s a new haircut, hair colour or installing a new set of hair extensions no one does is better than the professional hairstylist. Yes, for some reasons or another we tend to DIY at home to save money, but the results is not not that impressive as with those done in hair salons. This topic will be discussed more thoroughly in the next paragraph.

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The beauty industry is continuously thriving, with everyone trying to look their best, hair salon is sure to be always in business. Now back to the million dollar question, why does your hair look fabulous after a visit to the hair salon? But look nowhere nearer when you do it at home following what the stylist did? Let’s find out:


The hair stylist has undergone rigid training

These professional hairdresser was given trainings on all processes and techniques. They were also given ample time to practice and become an apprentice.

They got certified

They are certified hairdresser, meaning they passed all the trainings by actively applying them during the series of demo test. They are equipped with all the know how and can act on every possible scenario given to them. So, where else can you get the best advice for your locks but our professional stylist.

They have the right tools to use

Hair salons are always ahead, technology wise, this is because salon equipment suppliers always make a point to keep abreast with the salon needs. That being said, it is no wonder they get better results than DIY because they are using a more advanced tools. More importantly, they know when not to use tools that can otherwise harm your hair.

They know the right products to use

They have the best products for all your hair needs. They are the ones that test each an every product they come across with. They are more knowledgeable in choosing the right product for your hair because no one understands our hair better than the hair stylist.

They have the experience

Hairdressers spent hundreds to a thousand hours at least beautifying your hair and all that stuff they usually do making them an expert in their craft. They do this day in and day out, with this in mind, do you still ever wonder why they do it with aplomb aficionado.

So when in doubt, always ask your friendly hairdresser at your favorite hair salon.