Hair loss  is common for men and women and it is usually experienced during their 30’s and 40’s and for this reason the hair industry has come up with several  solutions to hair replacement. Hair replacement  can be done surgically and non-surgically the options are entirely dependent on the individual needs. Cost may vary too, but I guess it would be safe to say that no-surgical ones are way cheaper than the surgical. One of the popular non-surgical solution is the hair extension installation.

Below are samples of the high quality clip-in hair extensions that we sell on our website:

HHEO-clip-in-hair-extensions Do you miss running your fingers through your hair? Better yet, someone else doing it for you? It sure is a nice feeling, but what can you do if there are bald spots all over your scalp or your hair is not that thick and luscious as it used to be? You are in luck. Science has found a way to solve hair loss through hair replacement. Secrets of hair Replacement Hair transplant is one example of surgical hair replacement that is expensive but very effective.  This is an invasive procedure that involves transferring of hair follicles from the “donor site” to the bald area which is the “recipient site”. It is basically used to treat male baldness than female because male hair extensions would not be inconspicuous compared to that of a woman.  Hair transplant is also useful in restoring eyebrows, eyelashes, beard hair and filling in scars which are caused by accidents. Hair implant is less expensive and faster compared to surgery. For this type of hair restoration, it restores the feel and the look of your own hair and you can now brush, style and swim without worrying.  And for subtle transition, you can opt for gradual hair replacement to prevent drawing more attention to it. The process is implanting hair strand by strand until you have filled out a patch or the area where you need to fill. Here the hair professional  will assess your hair and determines which areas they need to work on to give you that added volume. Take note, they add each strand in the exact angle as the natural hair to avoid the hair looking “the odd one out”. Thus, no matter how close someone gets to you, they won’t notice a thing. Other non-invasive hair replacement option also uses See-Thru Hair or otherwise known as Trans-dermal Retention. This material looks like a second skin that when placed on the scalp you won’t notice any difference. The scalp has to be smooth to successfully stick the base. This type also requires accurate fitting and a definite no, no to those who sweat a lot as you may have  a lot on your hands if you do wash  the hairpiece all the time. So if you sweat a lot then you should try Fine Nylon monofilament mesh for a more ventilated base. This is a perfect solution for the athletic person. Hair extensions are the only solution by far that you can do at home all other hair replacement techniques are ought to be done by professionals.  Hair extensions are so easy to install and cheaper than most. It comes in different styles and length that women love. Ladies, if you have thinning hair, you should try hair extensions!