By this time, you must have read tons of tips on how to care for your human hair extensions, and one of the most common pieces of advice you must have read about is to avoid using sulfate products. This is critical if you wish to prolong the lifespan of your hair extensions, considering that a set of pure Remy human hair extensions do not come cheap, right?

However, aside from sulfate, let’s take a look at other chemicals that we should be avoiding to keep our hair and hair extensions in its best condition. Here are the Hair Product Ingredients to Avoid Now!


Notice how your body soap and shampoo mainly create that foamy lather when you mix them with water? That’s because of sulfate. Sulfates are heavily used on almost all household products and shampoos. 

Sulfate is an excellent cleaning agent; however, because it does its job too well, it can cause your skin and hair dryness making your hair frizzy, brittle, and prone to breakage.

If you need to wash your hair and hair extensions, we highly recommend using sulfate-free hair shampoo and conditioners.


Similar to sulfate, Paraben is present in many different shampoo and conditioners. This works as a preservative that can help prolong the shelf life of the products. Although it can help in that aspect, this ingredient can be harmful as it can cause skin irritation, reproductive issues, and even breast cancer when used for a long time. 

It is best to watch out for labels such as ethylparaben, benzyl paraben, propylparaben and many more that have Paraben in it.


This ingredient helps prevent the build-up or growth of bacteria and helps make our hair smooth for a long time. Though it’s purpose is good; however, this is considered to be one of the worst hair product ingredients that must be avoided.

But why is it dangerous? Sadly, too much exposure and prolonged use of this ingredient can cause immune system problems, eye problems, headaches, and allergic reactions, and worse, cancer. 


Alcohol is not bad. It is one of the products that have the highest demand during this COVID-19 Pandemic. You can find this ingredient in skincare, hair products, and a whole lot more. However, there are some alcohol types that you should avoid as they can severely dry your hair and cause brittleness, which eventually makes your hair prone to damage and breakage. Stearyl, Oleyl, and Cetyl alcohols are safe as they are fatty alcohol that can help create a thick and creamy texture.

Watch out for ingredients such as ethanol, ethyl alcohol, propyl alcohol, propanol, SD, or specially denatured alcohol and isopropyl.


Dimethicone is every manufacturer’s favourite ingredient since it is affordable and can synthetically smoothen and soften the hair. However, this ingredient creates a thick layer of silicone coating, making it difficult for water and nutrients to penetrate the hair. It may cause the hair to dehydrate or become malnourished over time.

Chemicals are everywhere, every day, and not all substances are considered toxic or hazardous. However, truth be told that some substances should be avoided. Best to always check the bottle labelling and be keen about what’s on your product before adding it to your shopping cart.

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