There are tons of ways on how we keep our locks looking vibrant and beautiful all the time. We can get salon treatments, create homemade hair masks and conditioners or simply use natural oils. However, if you are in the midst of hair trouble and in need of an immediate solution to cover it up, you can wear a set of our high grade remy hair extensions for the time being. Human Hair Extensions Online is the leading One Stop Online Hair Extension Shop across Australia. We offer a variety of extension types here such as clip in, i tip micro, tape in and ez weft which are all available in varying lengths and colours.

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Do you include hair oils in your current hair care regimen? If yes, good for you, if not then we recommend that you purchase one now and start using it right away. Natural oils such as coconut, olive, avocado and the list goes on, are proven to provide a lot of helpful benefits to our tresses. In order to get more effective and fast results, you just have to find the perfect oil to use for your hair type. So, the first thing you need to do before purchasing a natural oil is to determine the type of locks you have. Is it fine, dry, dull, damaged or oily? Once you know which type you fall under, you may now select among the different types of natural oils and choose which of them would best suit your tresses. Below is a list of different natural oils and their benefits. Use this as a guide to help you choose which among them is the right hair oil for you.

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Avocado Oil
Do you have thinning tresses? Consider using an avocado oil on your scalp to fight against breakage and bring back volume to your locks.. Avocados are rich in number of nutrients that are essential for hair growth. This type of oil can be easily absorbed by your strands and don’t easily weigh them down making them the most ideal oil to use for fine and thin locks. It closely resembles with the natural oil produced by our scalp. You can add it to your regular shampoo or create a deep treatment with it or perhaps use it as a sealant.

Coconut Oil
One of the most popular among natural oils is coconut oil. This has long been used by many to treat damaged and dry locks. It deeply penetrates into the hair shaft strengthening weak spots and moisturising it. You may apply it every week before you shampoo to soften, strengthen and add shine to your locks. Pre-treating your tresses with coconut oil will help reduce protein loss in your tresses during washing and prevent any forms of breakage such as split ends.

Argan Oil
If you wish to have smooth and moisturised locks , then we recommend that you use argan oil. It controls frizz and flyaways keeping your tresses soft, silky and shiny. One thing you must remember when using argan oil is it can’t be rinsed right away. It takes about 2-3 washes before you get rid of all its residue. So, it would be best to use it sparingly to prevent having greasy locks.

Olive Oil
This is commonly used as an ingredient in most homemade hair treatments. Olive oil locks in moisture to your strands and and is great for deep conditioning. If you’re fond of using heat styling tools, you can apply this to your tresses as a heat protectant. It contains fatty acids that coat your hair shaft protecting your strands from possible heat damage. It contains anti-inflammatory properties as well that help fight against dandruff promoting a healthier scalp.It also softens your locks and makes it more manageable.

Babassu Oil
For those with thick or curly tresses, babassu oil is what you need. It helps define your curls and minimizes frizz. This is a more heavy-duty oil compared to coconut which makes it ideal for thick strands. It is non-comedogenic and is unlikely to cause allergies to your skin.