Thankfully, nowadays you have another option of highlighting your hair aside from directly dyeing sections of your hair- clip-in hair extensions. Yes, you can apply strips of clip-in extensions to your hair to spice them up a bit with highlights. The colour should be a tone or two lighter than your natural hair. If you are unsure of what shade to pick, you can always use our FREE COLOUR MATCHING SERVICE. Our customer service will get back at you as soon as possible with the right tone. Just provide a clear picture of your hair in natural light and upload the image to the Human Hair Extensions Online website.

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Choosing the right colour can be a bit daunting if you do not have any idea about highlights. Highlights gives your hair a bit of a twist as they sure will brighten your boring locks. It usually is a bit lighter toned than your original hair, but now it has dramatically changed and went a bit bolder. Celebrities have proven over and over that you can go from cool contrast to sun-kissed, barely-there to bold and daring tones.

Hair Blonde with caramel highlights

It has even evolved to a much complicated style like the bayalage and ombre, bottom line are, as long as you can pull it off, then you’re good. But what if you can’t pull it off? No worries, we will give you several options that would guarantee to turn heads.

Add at least two tones is definitely better than just adding one tone. Colorist uses hair painting techniques to colour different spots on your hair just where the sun would hit it for a more natural effect. If you have medium brown hair you can add light brown and dark blonde or if you have dark brown hair you go for the extremes gold streaks like light blonde and ash blonde. The highlights are sure to enhance any brunette gal.

Bronzed streaks are a great combo for brown haired women. Dark blonde can use babylights to bring out the youthfulness in every woman. This can make you look younger, so if you want to lessen your age by five years, try this.

Try the beach hair look starting with the dark roots going lighter on the tips. But if darker hue is more your style, deep brunette and caramel highlights are a dramatic one for you.