We all have different preferences when it comes to our hair. Some prefer them short, others in medium length, while others like to keep their hair long. Others sport beautiful curls, while others want it straight. But what do you do when you need longer and more volumized hair in an instant? Nowadays, you can achieve both by buying yourself hair extensions.

No matter your age, gender or profession, one can now enjoy longer and voluminous hair in an instant – thanks to the many suppliers of hair extension Melbourne. But how do you choose between the wide array of hair extension choices? Whether this is your first time buying hair extensions or not, you can count on this guide to help you get the best ones in Melbourne.

Why Wear Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions offer tons of benefits, which is why we can consider them like a hot commodity these days. We’ve gathered the best reasons to use hair extensions Melbourne afterpay, and these are as follows.

1. Instant Length

The remarkable thing about hair extensions is that it helps you achieve longer hair minus the waiting time. Sometimes, no matter how careful we are in taking care of our locks, things won’t turn out as we have planned.

There are times when your trip to the saloon can turn into a nightmare. What is supposed to be a fun hair cut turns out to be something you didn’t like. The quick fix? Clip in hair extensions Melbourne! Who wouldn’t want to look great by rocking gorgeous tresses that looks so natural without waiting for weeks or months?

2. Instant Volume

Another great thing about hair extensions is that you can wear your hair with confidence even if you’re experiencing thinning hair or even hair loss. Go from having thin hair to an instant dramatic and voluminous hair in minutes. Now, achieving extra volume is as simple as applying tape in hair extensions Melbourne.

3. No Hair Color, Cut And Damage Regrets

Hair extensions give you something that none of your natural hair can offer – the power to try out different hair colors, haircuts, and styles without regrets. If you ever thought of changing the color of your hair, try out a new hairstyle or style your tresses but is often worried about damage and regrets, then hair extensions are for you.

Play around with different colors, try new highlights, or even rock that ombre trend. Experiment with different hairstyles or even cut it short minus the worry and hair damage. Don’t like the results? Simply take them extensions out of your hair – it’s as easy as that.

4. Easy To Use

The last benefit of quality hair extensions is its ease of use. Who wouldn’t want to be able to sleep in another hour or two by letting your hair extensions do all the hard work for you? By opting to use clip in hair extensions Melbourne, you get that quick hair solution you’ve always wanted.


How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions In Melbourne?

More and more women (and also men) from different walks of life can now enjoy cheap but quality hair extensions not only in Melbourne but all over the world. To help you find the best hair extensions for you, here are the things you need to consider.

Synthetic Versus Real Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can either be real human hair or synthetic. Synthetic hair contains no human hair and is made from various very fine synthetic fibers made to imitate real hair. Real Human Hair, on the other hand, is collected from a donor and are real hair from top to bottom.

When choosing hair extensions, it would be best to choose Remy hair as these are the natural human hair. All cuticles are intact, which meant the hair looks and feels real. They blend naturally with your real hair, thus making it easier to color and style the hair extension as you would on your natural hair. While synthetic hair extensions tend to be cheaper, real human hair lasts longer and looks more natural. You’ll get your money’s worth with 100% Remy human hair extensions – no doubt about that.

Hair Color

Hair extensions come in different colors – single color, dual-blended, and tri-blended hair extensions. There are also those who offer bright-colored locks. Unless you’re aiming for highlights, then choose hair extensions that are a perfect color match to your own hair.

Hair Texture

Hair extensions usually originate from India, China, and Europe. Chinese hair tends to be thick and best suits people with medium density hair. European hair is finer and tends to be expensive due to the low supply. Indian hair, on the other hand, is the easiest one to style thanks to their delicate and shiny features. It is important to remember to match the texture of the hair extension with your natural hair. This way, it will blend naturally.

Hair-Extension Types

Your hair extension will also need to fit your lifestyle. For example, you’re a busy lady who only has five minutes to spare daily for her hair. The perfect candidate for you are clip-in extensions as these are very low maintenance. For those who have time, you can choose tape in hair extensions Melbourne. Such hair extensions will require the help of a hairdresser to apply and can last between 4-8 weeks.

Sew-In Hair Extensions requires weave application. Experts recommend removing the weave every 6-8 weeks. Applying Microlink hair extensions can take up to 2-4 hours and needs repositioning after 2-3 months. Fusion hair extensions, on the other hand, takes about 3-4 hours and can last as long as Microlink hair extensions. As for wigs and hairpieces, they can last for a year or more.

Hair Extension Supplier And Hairdresser

It is important to note that your Remy hair extension supplier and hairdresser also matters when it comes to choosing your hair extensions. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations, check online reviews, and compare hair extensions Melbourne price when selecting your supplier. For those who want semi-permanent extensions, make sure your stylist has ample knowledge and experience if you want correct application and get the best advice before and after use and application.

If you want a quick and easy solution to a longer, softer, and voluminous hair overnight, then what you need are quality hair extensions. There is no need to wait out for your hair to grow as there are lots of hair extension Melbourne suppliers who can provide you just the right type of extensions for you. Say hello to hair goals all day, every day with cheap hair extensions Melbourne.