If there is the one hair product that a women recommends that is quite helpful in styling and managing your hair, it’s none other than hair gel. It is a very versatile product that can be used for both straight and curly hair. It adds dimension and shine when applied to straight hair and boost volume to curly hair not to mention keeping those frizz in line. One great hair product for styling that works perfectly on special occasions such as formals, weddings or a simple yet elegant dinner date. Although, hair extensions are also popular to use on certain occasions for adding volume and length hair gels on the other hand keeps the hair in place.

If you are interested in hair extensions, however, check out our popular methods, the clip-in extensions:


and the tape-in hair extensions:


This hair product targets to control curls without necessarily looking heavy. The ideal should be just enough consistency for effortless application and an added sweet smelling scent would be an advantage but not too much though as it can be irritating to the nasal cavity. The scent does not in any way affect its function or does it improve the way it works.

How to style hair with gel

Finding the best hair gel for you should be the first step to achieving a perfect hairstyle since not all gel fits all hair types. Now there are those that are for thin hair and for thick ones too. There are also gels that control frizz a great solution for hard-to-tame-locks.

Most hair gels are applied using your fingertips and very rarely does it comes in spray-on type. Make sure that it is light enough to make your hair soft to touch and not stiff, but strong enough to hold your hair in place. This is also critical for those with curls it has to have the right temperament to hold the curls at the same time enables the hair to move naturally without restrictions.

Another factor that you need to look into is that the gel does not leave residues or flake as this could ruin your whole look. It also important that you can count on the gel to work the whole day rather than worrying when the hair would last. If you feel its stickiness then it may be time for you to look for another product.

There are also gel that works on wet hair, which is perfect for working women who are always on the go. If you can find an organic gel that would be awesome as it is less likely to damage your locks and keeps them healthy at the same time.