How do you add lustre to your distress tresses? Thankfully there are natural ways to add shine to your dull hair in just a flash. These tips does not cost you anything, easy to follow and you’d be walking out of the house feeling like a queen.

We are by nature attracted to shiny objects, so when your hair shines with health trust that you will be drawing attention when you walk into a crowded room. Don’t settle for anything less, be the belle of the ball!

Tip # 1
Cold water
Yes, you heard right, water, this is the simplest way to shiner hair. All you need to do is give your hair a final rinse with a cold water before stepping out of the shower. To give you a bit of an idea why this works, the cuticle should be reflecting light instead of absorbing it. Cuticle only reflect light when it is closed and smooth. And this is what happens when we rinse it with cold water, it closes the cuticles, therefore making it smooth. Or you could blow dry your hair with a cold air to give your hair some sheen and control frizz.

Tip # 2
White vinegar
White vinegar or ACV (Apple cider vinegar) is also a great natural option to achieving lustrous hair in a flash. A mixture of one-fourth vinegar to three-fourth water as final rinse can act as a conditioner. The slightly acidic nature of vinegar closes the cuticle to give your hair an extra shine you need. So if you want to add some sparkle to you locks try this one out and notice the difference!

Tip # 3
Natural Oils
There are a lot of natural oils that can add shine to your dull hair like Moroccan Argan oil, sweet almond oil and Marula oil. These oils are light and have the ability to add sheen to your hair without weighing it down. And the benefits does not end there, these oils are full pack with nutrients that makes your hair healthier too!

Tip # 4
leave in conditioner
Leave in conditioner can work like magic while you sleep and turn your dry, dull hair into a shiny flowing mane. It can tame your frizz too. You can choose some over-the-counter ones or DIY leave in conditioner it’s your choice; although, I’d prefer the DIY with all natural ingredients.

Tip # 5
Silicon plated flat iron
If you are a flat iron user, use silicon plates instead of metal of ceramic plates as they can straighten hair faster thus less exposure to heat. And to lessen hair damage, I recommend that you use ionic blow dryers for faster drying, manageable and shinier hair.

Now that you have achieved shinier hair with less hassle you can now add hair pieces like hair feathers which can be found all over Australia. These hair accessories would absolutely great with your shiny hair.