Beauty is what most people love and admire. Natural beauty of a person can be enhanced by use of some make up. Beauty forms come in a wide variety. One of the many beauty enhancement ways is hair chalking. Hair chalks are used in the coloring of natural hair to obtain a desired color. All types of natural hair can be chalked. This means that there is no restriction on whether your hair is of this or that sort. Chalking as a process does not impose a permanent color to your hair. They can be removed just on applications of detergents. You can therefore avoid worrying about permanent colors if you chalk your hair.

You can chalk your hair with multi colors if you want to. This is because hair chalking does not work like hair dyeing. In hair dyeing your whole hair is normally dipped in liquid dye and does not guarantee coloring of specific independent hair strands. To enable multicolor with hair chalking, independent hair strands are chalked with the desired chalk color. Strand after strand is worked on independently and dried using a special dryer. You can employ the use of a blow dry to give out the required heat for effective color sticking to the hair. During the process of hair chalking, some few and simple instructions should be followed in order to have better results.

Wetting the hair is necessary to allow for finer color transfer. Blondes do not need to wet it. You will therefore find the chalking procedure for blondes missing the damping part. You need to first note your hair color so as to proceed with the chalking process. If your hair color is black, you need to pick on a chalk which is brighter and vibrant. For brunettes, any chalk color could work wonders with them. If your color is red, you can chalk them with your desired color. All this chalking will work well if only you balance them.

The procedure for hair chalking is quite simple. It is as follows;

Wet the hair where you would like to chalk. You can wet by spraying the water on it or by use of a damp towel.
Rub the damp hair strands with the chalk.
After rubbing the chalk to the hair strands, straighten or curl the hair with the use of heat. This is done to offer long lastingness of the colors.
After chalking your hair, you should avoid brushing. This is because brushing removes the color, giving uneven color appearance on the hair.

The above is the procedure for chalking wet hair. Sometimes you may want to chalk your hair dry. This can also be done by first wetting the chalks and rubbing on your hair.

Chalking, when applied well can enhance your hair beauty greatly. The good thing about chalking is that you can change it whenever you feel that you desire a new color. The process is simple and inexpensive and therefore should be of high preference to beauticians.

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