Many know when their hair needs to be trimmed or cut. One instance a trim or cut is needed is when hair has grown too long and she wants to keep it short. Another situation that calls for either is when split ends are found and the affected strands stand out more and become total eyesores (and subsequently ruin your look) when a number of Human Hair Extensions Online products are added.

Trimming the ends of hair strands to eliminate split ends can shorten overall hair length, making this an unpleasant solution to a number of people. Fortunately (especially for curly-haired individuals), there is a way to remove split ends without removing one or two centimetres of length from your hair. This solution is known as dusting.

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Dusting Hair: The Steps
* Divide hair to parts. Specifically, gather locks into 4 equal parts. Once you have done this, twist these parts and clip to the head, making sure that is held down tightly on the head and out of the face. If you have curly, thick locks, you may create a number of double-strand braids or twists, which you should then pin to the scalp afterwards.

* Unclip, then divide one portion of hair. Specifically, unclip the section near the eyes, then divide this portion to three or four rows of hair.

Is your hair straight? Feed a row of your straight hair between middle and index fingers. Pull down fingers so that only the ends of that particular row of hair will be exposed.

Is your hair curly? If so, twist a row so that it looks neat. Any loose ends that poke out from that section will be the strands you should dust.

* Proceed with dusting ends using hair cutting shears. To dust ends, take the shears and check out the end of every twist or row of hair. If a knot or split end is found, trim it right away.

When doing the step mentioned above, it’s important that you avoid using craft scissors or kitchen scissors. These are not designed for use on hair and may damage strands significantly. On the other hand, hair scissors such as those used by your local hair stylist, can create clean and even cuts that keep locks healthy.

* Dust the rest of your head. Upon having dusted the front section of hair, continue to dust the other sections around the head. If you encounter any difficulties seeing split ends, hold hair against a bright light source in your home.

One way to know if you have dusted your locks correctly is by checking the hairs that have fallen on the floor. Dust your hair right, and you should only see fine hairs, not long strands of curls or hair.

Once you finish dusting your fine hair, you can then approach hair care specialists or hair stylists for any service that can improve the overall appearance and health of each strand. You may also approach them for the installation of hair extensions with clips on your head.