Most of us are very particular when it comes to our tresses. We consider it to be one of our best assets. That’s why when looking for hair products and accessories, we always choose the best and the most non-damaging. But the thing is, with the variety of hair products in the market today we can get confused on which among them should we pick.

Among the most popular hair products today are hair extensions. They are used by women of all ages to enhance the length, volume and beauty of their much-loved locks. The quality of these extensions greatly affects your overall look which is why you have to be picky on which hair extensions supplier should you get yours from. It would be best to find someone who is reliable and has a number of loyal buyers.

Compared to retail buying, wholesale buying is way more risky. You’ll certainly lose a good sum of money when you buy them from a supplier which will only give you low-quality products which are not worth the price you pay. So how will you know which among these suppliers should you trust? What are the factors you need to look for so you can end up with reliable hair extensions wholesale suppliers in Australia?


Go Online
Many extension suppliers can be reached online. It would be best to go for those which already have well-established websites where you can easily do your research about their company and get familiarised with their products. Look for reviews about their products. From there you’ll be able to evaluate their credibility.

Always seek for details. If they provide more details about their company and their products, it plainly means they know what they’re doing, they are confident about their products and they are customer-friendly.

Free Services
If they offer free services this means they care about their customers and they are willing to extend a hand in finding the best product that fits perfectly with your needs and budget. For example, when you avail of a free colour matching service at Human Hair Extensions Online, our experts will guide you in matching the right colored extension that would seamlessly blend with your natural tresses and would appear undetectable and totally natural.

If you are ordering online, it is best to pick those which offer a free shipping service. Here we offer this service for orders over $50 when you are based in Australia and over $200 for international orders.

Money-Back Guarantee
A reliable supplier always has a money-back guarantee. In any case that you are not satisfied with their products, it is guaranteed that you will receive a refund within the duration they specify. At HHEO, we proudly stand by our 100 day money-back guarantee. Across Australia, this is one of the longest refund/exchange policies in the hair extension industry.

Although, there is a rare chance that you will avail of this service since most of our products are of premium quality and are solely made of remy hair which is the best type of hair extensions available in the market. But for your convenience, we offer this service which is most likely used when you want to switch the length, colour and thickness of your bought extensions.