Buy hair extensions wholesale at Human Hair Extension Online if you want to purchase excellent quality hair extensions at an affordable price. We have the most extensive range in terms of colours and lengths and we also custom made extensions for you. In fact you will be protected by our 100-day money back guarantee just in case you were not satisfied with the purchase.

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Buying hair extensions in wholesale is a tedious task. You need to balance quality over quantity. Buying extensions at a low price without compromising the quality should be your utmost priority as this is your business lifeline. Good quality products, keeping the customers, and matching it with world class customer service will definitely nail your business.

Best extension

A helpful tip maybe to know your target customers to guide you on what products you should be getting to maximize your capital. This will prevent you from unnecessary stocking of products that do not move thus saves you money to use on other things.

Exceeding your customer’s expectations is providing excellent customer service. In this busy and congested world, it is nice to have someone who would really listen to you. This is the key to meet customer’s expectations and not disappoint them.

Once you have found a good quality hair extension and know what your customers want, you would then need to find the cheapest quality extensions you could find. You cannot sacrifice quality over price they have to go hand in hand. The best way to test the hair is to install them and observe then for a couple of weeks to see how it fared after several washes.

If the hair tangles easily and lost some of its lustre after a few washes they are most likely to be of low quality. Remy human hair will remain tangle-free and shiny after several washes. You may try to style them using heating tools but just as precautionary measures use heat resistant spray before styling to preserve the hair longer.

Packing should be presentable, complete with sets of instructions to guide users on how to care for them. Packing is also important as they can at certain level lure buyers to buy the products. The aftercare instructions is vital in preserving the product you are selling by ensuring proper usage and after care are practised.