Are you looking for a replacement tape for your hair extensions? Human Hair Extensions Online offers strong hold quality tapes that are non-damaging and lasts longer compared to other brands. Our tapes are waterproof and are super easy to apply. With our products, you will never have to worry about slippage and the risk of damaging your own natural hair.

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We all have unique needs when it comes to our hair. Some of us want to change our hairstyles every now and then. Some wear extensions occasionally while others use it daily. Others have oily and sensitive scalp which needs a special kind of tape. The thing is, finding the right hairpiece tape isn’t really difficult. Here, we will provide you with some pointers on how to identify which among them would best fit your needs.

Short-term Use

If you’re using your extensions and remove them every 1-3 days, you can make use of low-tack tapes. These types of tapes securely put your extensions in place, but are for short-term use only. One of their advantages is they can be easily removed without damaging the base of your extensions. A single-sided tape is one example of this. It is a great choice for women who have thin hair since it weighs less compared to double-sided tape which is the most commonly used types of hair extensions tape.

Daily Use

If you’re wearing extensions for extended periods of time, then choose extended-wear tapes. They last for approximately 1-4 weeks, depending on the tape you use. You can make use of tape tabs, skin weft double sided  tapes or blue tapes.  They are easy to install and don’t easily fall out. However, there are certain factors that affect the length of hold of these tapes such as the wearer’s lifestyle and maintenance procedure. Prior to application, you must remember not to apply conditioner to your roots and once the tapes have been applied you must wait for 2-3 days before you can wash your hair again.

Oily Scalp

When you happen to have an oily and sensitive skin, you may consider finding a specialized tape. The tape bond weakens much faster when you have a very oily scalp. A tape designed to last for more than a week might only last for about 3 days. You have to choose those that have strong bonds such as double sided tape and blue tapes which are known for having long lasting bonds. If you have a sensitive scalp, medical grade and hypoallergenic tapes are your best options. They are specially made for those who have skin reactions to all sorts of adhesives.