Hair extensions, especially tape has been in the market for quite a while and it has grown so popular ever since. One of the reason of its wide popularity is because of it’s easily installation and removal. And we are proud to offer our superior quality tape extensions to you. You can check out our site and see a wide range of lengths and colours to entice your taste. We also supply extra tape for your extensions and tape remover for easy detachment. For more info about site check the link below.

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Did you find installing tape hair extensions easy? Then you will be surprise how easier it is to remove the extensions. You can either use tape remover or oil and apply directly to the adhered part and let it soak for a couple of minutes and separate it with your fingers. Use a wide-tooth comb and slowly pull them apart or slide them down your hair shaft. So it’s truly fast, simple and non-damaging to your hair.

Remove Tape Hair Extension

After the removal you will need to thoroughly clean your hair extensions until you have removed tape residue and adherent. You can then keep them for storage or prepare them for re-installation. For storage, make sure that the extensions are clean and free from any damaging chemicals before storing them. If you want to re-install them then you must buy a high quality tape for your hair to prevent them from slipping.

Most extensions uses white tape which are low quality and does not have a strong hold. I highly recommend that you look for the blue tape that are made in the US as they can firmly hold the extension in place compared to the white tape.

The tape remover can be readily bought in any hair extensions store, whether it’s online or a physical store. But in choosing the right remover you have to check the ingredients for possible harmful chemicals that might do more harm to your hair than good. But I would say oils specially essential oils are way better than any tape remover combined as they are perfectly safe to use without causing unnecessary harm to your locks. And it usually comes with a lot of benefits too.

Just to give a recapitulation of the salient facts of removing tape: use oil or tape remover that effectively removes all product residues without harming the hair in any way. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers to separate the tape and hair efficiently without causing extraneous hair stress.