Our tape hair extensions at Human Hair Extensions Online are one of the most sought-after as they are durable and discreet. The high quality blue tape that we used are made from the US provides a strong adhesive to make the hair stay in place longer than other competitor brand. We have the widest range in colours and lengths which gives you more options to choose from. Plus, we sent it to you for FREE, ask us how.

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When we talk about hair extensions sure we think about all sorts of method like clip ins, tapes, skin weft, machine weft and weaves. But among these types of hair extensions clip-in and tapes tops the list of the most in-demand. What do you think women find in tape extensions that draws them to this particular technique?

hair extensions tape


Hair extensions, particularly, tape in are not bulky unlike other methods like clip ins or micro bead as they just lie flat on your head. Therefore, they remain undetected even if someone tries to hold your head they would not feel anything amiss.

If tapes are not bulky, then it shouldn’t be to obvious then. Meaning this technique is known for its inconspicuous effect which contributes to the factor that makes tape enticing for the wearer.

It is also a permanent type of extensions to let you enjoy your hair for a longer period. It saves a lot of time compared to that of clip ins wherein you need to set aside time to install them in the morning and removing it before bedtime.

Absolutely awesome for fine-haired gals who wanted to add some volume to their locks as they don’t want to stress the hair with the weight of the extensions. Hair is perfectly safe with tape-in extensions but keep in mind to achieve your goal in enhancing your looks is by proper installation of the extensions so a professional hair dresser would be highly recommended. This hairdresser should have undergone training and a certified hair extensions specialist.

Tape hair extensions does not harm the hair as it does not use any glue or heat. So your hair is spared from all this health-hazard products that may ruin your mane instead of amplifying your greatest asset your hair.

Application of tape extensions takes less than an hour and so does removing them. Maintenance is relatively easy too. You can wash and style them as you want. The extensions are reusable up to nth uses as long as you follow aftercare instructions religiously.

Tape extensions is an awesome option indeed!