popular hair Extensions in Perth

Hair extensions are a very very popular women’s accessory on the western side of Australia in a city called Perth. Luckily for those who live there, Human Hair Extensions Online can deliver your hair extensions the very next business day if you live in the CBD or if you are in the Australia post next business day region.


If not your items could take anywhere from 2 to 7 business days. We have found that our hair extensions are very popular in the salon market and also the retail market in that city. Our most popular hair extensions Perth would be our 18 inch tape in remy hair extensions.

Our 18 inch tape hair extensions overall our third most popular item they run close behind the 20 inch and then 22 inch. We currently stock it in 13 different colours so we basically have all your naturals, your ash colour and your golden tones. But if you did want mixed and balayage colours or ombre colours then you would have to go up one length to our 20 inch range.


The standard full headset for 18 inch hair extensions Perth is 40 pieces but we do find that a lot of girls are now getting 60 to 80 pieces as basically they’ve discovered the more hair you have the better you’re going to look.

We have a lot of very loyal customers who buy our hair extensions in Perth. They mainly keep coming back because of our prompt delivery and our high quality. If you compare our extensions to other brands in Australia market you will soon find that ours are far superior.

We sell 100% remy hair which many people don’t actually sell. There are thousands of hair salons in Western Australia and the majority of them are jammed into Perth. I would assume that hair extension companies that are located in Perth, if they have good quality, they would be doing very well because they can serve their clients quicker than companies from other side of Australia could.

The beauty of our range is we have literally the biggest range of tape in extensions in Australia. We have 5 lengths and also have a selection of 29 colours. Another length that is gaining popularity in Perth is our 26 inch tape hair extensions range. We currently stock it in 6 different colours that will very soon be adding 2 more in between colours which will take us to 8 colours.

I would like to grow 26 inch range to be the same size as the 18 inch range but it will all be done in good time. Keep your eyes fixed on our website for product and colour launches. We are your one stop shop for hair extensions Perth.