The way your locks and the Human Hair Extensions Online products set on you are parted actually has a significant effect on your overall appearance. How significant? Simply changing from side parting to middle parting can make you look as if you just paid a professional to come up with another hairdo for you.

Of course, this is only true if the parting will be done following the steps that are highlighted below.



Choosing the Right Parting

1. Know the way your face is shaped.
Before you decide on the parting that’s best for you, take your facial shape to consideration. Certain partings are great for certain face shapes only. A middle parting is great for heart-shaped faces. Deep side parting is perfect for those with square or round faces. Any parting will do if your face bears an oval shape, but in order to look your best, make sure that you…

2. … consider the features of your face, too.
The parting should be placed on a stronger or more pronounced side of your face. One way of knowing which part is stronger, stand before a mirror holding one sheet of paper. Place this paper sheet before one side of your face, then the opposite side. The stronger side is the one with more upturned features.

Another way you can decide where to place the parting is by looking at the nose. It usually points a bit off to one direction. Whatever direction your nose points off to, place the parting at the opposite side to achieve facial symmetry.

3. You can take into consideration the look you wish to achieve.
The last thing to consider when you decide on a parting is if there is a certain style or look you want to achieve. Certain pairings are best with certain styles.

A middle parting is great with long locks styled into waves (to achieve a bohemian-chic look) or locks styled into a sleek bob (to achieve a simple but sophisticated-looking hairdo). Side partings are best for effortless-looking styles. A deep side parting, however, gives your locks some glamour and is great with either a classy updo or big curls. The zigzag parting is great if locks are quite flat as they make your locks voluminous right away.

Creating the Part
1. Begin parting once you have washed your locks.
Wash your locks with shampoo and conditioner. After rinsing away the conditioner, let the strands dry completely, then brush to undo any knots and tangles.

2. Get a pin-tail comb. Use it to draw the parting of your choice.
The pin-tail comb is a must-use when parting, since their pointed ends help with precision. If you do not have one at home, you can use a fine-toothed comb.

Hold your comb perpendicular with your scalp, making sure the part with the pointed tips faces down. Then with the business end of the comb, draw a line that runs backward from the forehead. To achieve a middle parting that’s symmetrical, draw a line that starts from the center part of the nose bridge. For a side parting, create a line beginning from the eyebrow arch on the side you have chosen. A zigzag parting can be achieved by first parting at the middle, then using the business end of your comb to create the zigzag effect.

3. Guide the rest of the strands with your fingers.
Before lifting the comb, use any number of fingers on the free hand to guide the strands. By doing so, the strands are at the right section of the parting.

4. Bobby pins are a great way to ensure the parting stays. But hairspray can also be used along with bobby pins to fully secure the parting of the natural strands and the hair extensions from Parramatta placed among them.