There are, give or take, one hundred of salons in Newcastle, NSW which provide hair extension services. You can locate them on websites like yellow pages and hotfrog. Start the one nearest to you and give them a call, be prepared to take advantage of their professional advice. Although hair extensions have been in the market for quite a long time, technological advancement has greatly contributed to the improvement of the product and you should hope to find a salon with the most up-to-date products and knowledge.

With different installation methods coming on to the scene we have witnessed a simple evolution in the product, from super expensive to affordable ones, from risky to totally safe. Hair extensions now come in a range of textures and colours. Constant improvements are resulting in a product that looks and feels more natural than ever before

In spite of this, hair is enormously challenging to classify due to sheer number of varieties of combination in colour, curl, texture and pattern.

Hair typing systems help a lot in providing an idea of how to categorize the hair and help guide in choosing the right hair.

There are about six different textures – find out where you belong;

  • Yaki hair – similar to Asian hair which is incredibly straight
  • Wave – big waves
  • Deep wave – looking more like a ringlet or spiral
  • Wet and Wavy – possessing a natural wave that is prominent when hair is wet
  • European – fine hair that mimics the natural straightness of European hair
  • Jheri curl – similar to an afro rather than a jheri curl.

The following will help determine different types of hair you may possibly have:

  • Thready – This hair will have a low gloss and a high polish if, for instance, your hair is tightly held with low frizz. Easily dries when wet.
  • Spongy – Hair has a high gloss with low shine with a condensed looking frizz. Does not get wet easily.
  • Silky – Hair has low gloss, a very high shine, and can be extremely or slightly frizzy. Wets easily.
  • Wiry – This hair consist of a sparkly gloss, with low frizz and shine. Hair will never get to wet.
  • Cottony – This type of hair will have a low gloss. When the hair is stiffly held it will have a high shine and frizz. Quickly absorbs water although it does get very wet fast.

Take note that shine is defined as hair that reflects light along its surface while sheen is a sparkle to the hair. This is according to L.O.I.S. African American Natural Texture Typing System which is popularly known as a typing system for Straight, Wavy, Curly, Kinky and Nappy categories.

So what type are you? Find your pattern and I hope you will have an idea of what hair to look for to match your own.