Keeping your hair smell great

Have you ever experience hugging someone with a great smelling hair that leaves you totally mesmerized? And wondered, what shampoo is she using? Good news, in this article I will teach you how to make your hair scent last longer.

One of the factors that affect the longevity of your hair scent would also depend on your type of hair the thicker it is the more likely the fragrance will linger. But I can share you the tips to keep your hair smelling great all day.

Use a clean brush
Any hair piece you use on your hair like headband, ties, ribbons or hair extensions should be clean as their smell would rub on to your fragrant hair. We might be using our own hair brush that we tend to forget that some hairs that got stuck would probably smell foul with all the dirt and sweat. You could also spray some fragrant oils to your brush to ensure your hair always smells great.

Frequent change of pillowcase
This is the most frequently overlooked reason why you probably have musty-smelling hair. All the more reason for you to change often when you wash your hair before bedtime—where you will be rubbing your head the whole night. So keep your pillow smelling fresh at all times.

A fragrant Shampoo and conditioner
There are shampoos that leave a scent for a longer period of time than others; it’s entirely up to you to get the right one.

Spend on superior hair oils
Oils does not only hydrate and conditions your hair it provides a lasting scent also just choose which one works best for you. There are a lot to choose from and you can definitely experiment on them. Besides you don’t need to put tons but a few drops will get you smelling nice all throughout the day.

Invest on hair perfume
Although it is acceptable to spray perfume on your hair this might not be good for your lock as it is chemical laden product that is not intended for your hair; which in effect can do more harm than good. However, there are scents specifically invented for your tresses.

Good hygiene is definitely a must!
The best tip is to wash your hair regularly or if needed. It does not have to be everyday as this can also be drying, only when needed like on a sunny day or your workout day.

Dry shampoo when necessary
Do you have those days like when you know your hair is clean but a bit oily here and there? This is when you need to spray or apply dry shampoo on specific area where it is needed.

Don’t just keep your locks looking good keep them smelling fantastic as well!
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