Hair extensions are very popular women’s hair accessory in Adelaide, Australia. There are many hair salons around the state of South Australia who very regularly install hair extensions. The most popular methods down there would be the tape hair extensions range closely followed by the clip in hair extensions for non-hairdressers just purchasing the hair extensions for themselves.

We supply a large amount of hair extensions to Adelaide and have been for the last 5 years. Many of our sales there are straight from our online retail store. A popular item in Adelaide has been our 20 inch 130g 5 piece clip in sets due to the fact that you don’t need to pay a hairdresser to install these you can easily do this at home by yourself and wear the extensions as you please.

The salons that purchase from us are more likely to go towards the tape extensions as they’re quick and easy to install, fast to remove if you’ve got the right removal products and you can make a good profit with a quick turnaround. Once you acquire a large client base then you can do several hair extension installs per day and be making a very good turn over.

Hair extensions Adelaide is probably the third or fourth biggest hot spot in Australia. Before that you have Sydney being the most popular, Gold Coast and Queensland being the second, Melbourne being the third and obviously followed by Adelaide the fourth.

Our most popular colour in Adelaide would be the #2 Dark Brown and the #4 Medium Brown which is quite different to higher up in Australia in areas like the Gold Coast where our #60 White Blonde and #613 Lightest Blonde or Beach Blonde the most sought out item.

Hair extensions in Adelaide are also very popular with mobile hair extensions installer, if you’d like permanent hair extensions installed from your own home you can simply look up one of these services online and have your extensions installed that way.

This is quick, easy and simple. Even though we are hair extensions store based in Sydney, Adelaide is still in our next day delivery zone! If you are located between post codes 5000 to 5119 or 5800 to 5999 you will receive your item the next day. If You’re located in areas outside of those postcodes could be anywhere from 2 to 7 business days, the closer you are to those numbers means the quicker it takes to get to you in Adelaide.