Hair Extensions Guide: How to take care of Clip-Ins article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Clip-ins are an excellent solution if you desire long, thick, and voluminous tresses. These semi-permanent hair solutions are easy to attach and are affordable. Your hair will look lusciously beautiful within minutes, thanks to clip-in hair extensions.


With proper care, premium quality clip ins can last for years. Even the most expensive hair extensions will not last long without proper care. Here are some tips for keeping your clip-in extensions always looking new and flawlessly beautiful.


  1. Use the right type of brush

To make sure that your clip-ins retain their shine, length, and sleek quality, you need to pick the right type of brush for it. There are special brushes made exclusively for hair extension maintenance. Always start brushing from the roots. If you brush from the ends with excessive pulling or force, the hair strands may fall out and the clip ins may start loosening up.


  1. Do not wash daily


Although Remy clip-ins are of excellent quality, they should never be washed daily like human hair. Washing them daily may result in damaging them. Ideally, you should wash your hair extensions around once a month. If you don’t use it in highly polluted areas, there really is no need for regular washing.


When washing clip ins, make sure you use cold water, and sulfate- free shampoo and conditioner like HHEO’s XTEN Hair Care Products. You only need to wash the thicker hair parts and avoid getting the weft wet.


  1. Air dry your clip in hair


Although clip in human hair extensions can be styled, you don’t need to do this all the time. For instance, it’s best to air dry hair extensions than blow dry them. Air drying will prevent heat from damaging the hair strands. Never brush hair extensions after washing. Leave them to dry overnight and brush the strands once completely dry.


HHEO is here to help you with any hair extension concerns that you may have. If you’re wondering about clip in hair extension prices, you may view our products here or call us at +61 1300 489 337 to order.