Can’t wait to grow your hair from short to long? Luckily it’s possible without all the hard work, with extensions for short hair you needn’t wait for your hair to grow long which usually takes years, all you need is hair extensions for short hair and… voilà! We all know that there are a lot of methods in installing them and most of them may take a lot of time but I am happy to update every one of the newest technology that has been discovered.


Today, a great amount of development has appeased the out-dated concerns of hair damage caused by extensions and they are widely recognised as a completely safe and practical accessory. Now, we can enjoy hair extensions while growing our own hair without worrying for its health. One of the newest updates is the MAGO technique which originated in Sweden and is steadily growing in as hairdressers worldwide are learning the method. The MAGO Company sells its own branded hair. MAGO use a revolutionary knot-based hair extension system in which a strand of MAGO hair extension can be attached in as fast as one second. This is a strong knot that will last for months and yet it’s so easy to remove – just cut the knot and it’s off. It has been globally accepted, with one hairdresser naming it ‘the new iPhone in the hair extension industry’.

The MAGO system uses Indian Remy hair which is said to be one of the best hairs available in the market today. During its demonstration many may find themselves dumfounded by the simplicity and efficiency of the whole process and the minimal time it takes to attach and remove the hair –it was simply magic.

The models for MAGO products frequently comment on how different the extensions feel from other extensions – ‘it’s light and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing hair extensions at all’.

To protect their distributers’ rights and interests for this particular system they have invested in having it patented worldwide to ensure exclusivity.

Now let us enjoy new hair new system and reap its benefits…for the hair of the future!

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