Hair Extensions Brisbane- How to Save Money by Taking Care of your Hair Extensions article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Caring for hair extensions is not as simple and straightforward as taking care of your natural hair. If your goal is to keep your hair extensions in perfect condition for a longer time, it’s important to learn about the fundamentals of caring for hair extensions.


Hair extensions are basically divided into two major categories:


  • Human Hair Extensions
  • Synthetic Hair Extensions


Human Hair Extensions are ideal for those who want a more natural look on their style once extensions are attached. They feature shine, strength, and beauty that virgin natural hair is known for. On the other hand, synthetic hair does not have the same level of quality as human hair, but they are cheaper, and thus a more attractive option for those on a limited budget.


Whether you own human hair clip-in hair extension or a synthetic tape in hair extension, it’s best to remind yourself of these hair care essentials:


  • Never wash synthetic hair extensions


Synthetic hair extensions should never be washed or soaked in water for a very long time. Instead, use hair cleaning sprays that are specially formulated for synthetic hair use. They are effective in cleaning the hair without the risk of permanent damage.


  • Prevent tangling, damage and breakage using the right type of brush


There are brushes and combs that are specially designed to groom and fix hair extensions. Synthetic hair tends to merge together more often than human hair extensions. To solve this problem, take a brush or combed meant for hair extension use. The spaces between bristles are perfect for combing hair extensions. You may also use your fingers to untangle the hair but never tug hard on the extensions as it could lead to fallouts.


  • Always use mild ingredients for hair care


Stay away from shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh ingredients. Washing high-quality human hair extensions can be quite tricky, but make sure to moisturise them. The secret to longer lasting hair extensions is locking in moisture within the hair strands. Argan oil and other natural oils are excellent options to achieve shiny, strong and long lasting hair extensions.


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