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What are taped-in hair extensions and how are they applied? Will I lose hair because of them and how do you take care them properly? How much does it cost and how long does it last? And where can I find them in Brisbane?! If you’ve been considering hair extensions for a while these questions may now be floating around in your head waiting to be answered, I would be happy to answer them all for you.

Taped in Hair extensions are the type of extensions which require an inconspicuous adhesive tape. The tape is used to hold them securely in place. This means that the tape used is usually invisible or coloured to closely match the hair colour on the extensions making it blend naturally and less noticeable.

To attach the hair, a 4cm-wide strip of hair is applied to your own via the ‘sandwich method’. Basically this means your hair is sandwiched between two pieces of Tape Hair. The extension is actually stuck to another piece with a thin layer of your hair in between, this type of hair installation last much longer compared to outdated methods like U Tip / Pre Bonded extensions.

We lose an average of 100 strands of hair a day naturally, tape-in extensions rarely add to this number. If your extensions are installed properly and if maintenance is followed diligently you will have beautiful long hair that lasts 1 – 2 years without breaking or damaging your own hair.

To keep your hair extensions looking great, prepare for brushing each and every layer of your hair beginning from the bottom, working your way to the top. This will keep the extensions from matting. Apply conditioner at the ends but never on the roots as you don’t want to risk loosening the bond.

The question of cost… how much do we need to spend? Well, this will depend of course on several factors like the length, location and the quality of hair. I would personally suggest you get 100% Human Remy hair. There are three varieties to choose from; European, Indian and Asian Hair. Allocating $200-$500 can leave you with the confidence that you’re getting the best for your money.

The hair extensions will usually last 4 – 8 Weeks before the Tape needs replacing. With proper care, tape extensions can be re-used and re-applied over and over. There are a lot of salons in Brisbane that install  them. You can either find them through Google or directories online such as truelocal.com.au, yellowpages.com.au or hotfrog.com.au

In conclusion, taped-in hair extensions are an affordable way to achieve endless styling possibilities whilst putting the least amount of stress on your hair.



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