Itching can happen to the scalp from time to time. Usually, something as simple as changing your hair care routine in the weeks leading to the event you purchased Human Hair Extension Online products for is more than enough to sort this problem out. If you’re unsure of the hair care changes you need to make, then check out the tips highlighted below.

Changing Your Hair Care Regimen

* Switch to a more natural shampoo. Residue from the shampoo or conditioner you normally use might be building up on your scalp and making it feel itchy. Get a shampoo that contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, tea tree oil, zinc pyrithione, and jojoba. These you can get at a supermarket that sells products with natural ingredients.

* Get unscented hair care products. Perfumes that are included in hair care products irritate the scalp and give it an itchy feeling. Instead, look for fragrance-free products. If you are unable to find fragrance-free products, find ones with the “hypoallergenic” label or those created for babies and the sensitive-skinned.

* Groom your locks properly and regularly. Gently comb or brush your hair—making sure to pay special attention to your scalp—up to three times a day for proper distribution of natural oils.

* If you are currently using hair care products with alcohol, stop. Hair care products which contain high levels of alcohol dry out the scalp and make it itch badly. They also cause dandruff and lead to (or cause the worsening of) itchy and painful scalp conditions such as seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis, and eczema.

* Apply coconut oil to the scalp. This type of oil creates a moisture barrier on the scalp, hence making it a great way to treat scalp itchiness. Apply the oil by rubbing a small amount of the substance onto the scalp after washing. Leave on your head for thirty minutes, then wash away with a shampoo containing natural ingredients. Coconut oil application should be done three times a week.

Proper Scalp Care

* Alleviate scalp sunburn symptoms with aloe vera. During the summer, it can be easy to get sunburn on a part of your scalp. As sunburned skin starts healing, itching can often be felt. Alleviate the itching with an aloe vera treatment or an aloe vera shampoo and conditioner. Wear a hat or apply sunscreen to the scalp the next time you go outdoors and you think you could be exposed to the sun’s heat and light for more than an hour.

* Fully dry strands after taking a shower, especially if your hair is long. Wet strands pressed against the scalp all day will cause the latter to itch eventually.

In the same vein, dry both scalp and hair after having spent several hours outdoors or doing an intense physical activity. The sweat also makes the scalp feel itchy.

Should the scalp itching persist despite having done all the above, get in touch with a dermatologist right away. This way, you won’t experience discomfort when wearing hair extensions come date or event night.