Want to remove your tape ins without getting your locks damaged? Here at Human Hair Extensions Online, all our products from hair extensions to hair accessories, down to extension removers, are guaranteed to be non-damaging and are of premium quality. You can keep your locks looking vibrant and healthy by making sure that the products you use come from trusted brands and suppliers. With our products, you can be at your most attractive state without having to compromise the health of your locks.

Below are samples of the high quality tape-in hair extensions that we sell on our website:

No matter how much we want to keep our extensions in place and be with them for like forever, that just won’t happen. The tape bonds wear out from time to time until such time as we have to remove them by ourselves or with the help of professionals. Otherwise if we don’t remove them right away when the tapes wear out, they might fall off on their own which in turn can cause us real embarrassment especially when they fall off in public places. Removing tape ins can be quite difficult especially for beginners. Thank heavens for those who have come up with the idea of creating extension removers, we can now easily take them out whenever we need to. Since, most of us use those which have strong hold bonds that leave residues on our locks after the removal, we must makes sure to wipe off these residues as well. Keep in mind that when removing your hair extensions you always have to do it gently and methodically.

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Here is a step by step guide on how to safely remove them using a reliable remover:

Step 1: Get your hair extension remover and squirt some of it in between the adhesive tapes. After a few seconds or minutes you will notice that they will slowly release their hold.

Step 2: Put a bit of remover on your fingertips and gently work them in between the tapes for fast and easy removal.

Step 3: Once the tape bonds come loose and when they hardly stick to each other, slowly and carefully pull the extension in a straight downward motion. If they are still tight and can’t be easily pulled out, do not attempt to force them instead add another squirt and then massage through the two sandwiched tapes with your fingers to loosen the bond.

Step 4: Use a fine-tooth comb and then put some more remover to get rid off any residue. By this time, there shouldn’t be much residue left once done correctly.

Step 5: Completely take out or detach one tape at a time before moving on to the next one to avoid mess.

Step 6: If it happens that there is still glue left in your locks, wash it off using a glue removing shampoo. But if you don’t have the shampoo, you can apply a deep conditioning and softening conditioner and leave it in your tresses for 5 minutes.

Step 7: Get rid off any particles left on your locks by combing through it using a fine-tooth comb and then rinse it off after.