Hair Extension Prices- How Much Should You Spend on Hair Extensions? article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

The prices of hair pieces such as hair extensions will depend on a host of factors. The type of hair extensions is a major determinant of the prices. Other factors such as style, length, colour, and budget are also factors that buyers should consider when choosing which hair extensions are best for their needs.

The following are basic guidelines for choosing hair extensions:

The three major factors that determine hair extension prices are as follows:

  • Hair extension volume. Gorgeous hair extensions are those that add much-needed volume to your hair. By rule, thicker hair extensions are more expensive than thin, straight hair pieces.
  • Remy hair extensions are commonly more expensive than hair extensions online made from synthetic hair strands.
  • The hair extension application method also dictates the prices online. For instance, clip in hair extensions are cheaper than weft hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are generally a cheaper option for those with a limited budget

  • You can buy synthetic hair extensions for $200 to $400 per piece. Although synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, they are more prone to damage, heat and sensitive to styling products and appliances.
  • There are a lot of downsides to their use. For one, most synthetic hair extensions are preset or pre-styled so they cannot be styled, blow-dried, or curled.
  • Cheaper hair extensions also have a shorter lifespan and only last between 1 and 3 months.

Human hair extensions are the best to buy online

  • You need to invest between $150 and $600 to get quality hair extension pieces made from human hair.
  • Although the more expensive option, human hair extensions give you the most bang for your buck as they look more natural and last longer, too.
  • Superior quality human hair extensions can be styled, washed, coloured, and curled. You can do anything that you want with them without running the risk of breakage or permanent damage.

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