There are tonnes of hair extensions out of which all will not suit your hair. There are various kinds like clip-ins which can be clipped and removed. There are tape-ins which can be attached to thick sections of hair and sew-ins which can be woven in and protein bonded extensions which are woven in your hair with adhesives and keratin.

There are so many varieties like artificial and natural hair extensions which can be put in your hair. There are various colors to choose from. So if you want your beachy long hair with those waves and a decent ponytail, hair extensions Perth is the solution and one stop for you. But you gotta be careful with which one you choose because dodgy hair extensions and glue ridden leftovers are so not hot.

First, you need to know the types of hair extensions that are available. They are:

1) Temporary hair extensions: These are clip-ins which are inserted and can be removed whenever needed.

2) Semi-permanent extensions: They include tape-in pieces which last for 6-8 weeks. These are smaller sections than clip-ins and there is new Invisible Tape in hair extensions which are completely undetectable when hair is worn up.

3) Permanent extensions: They are strand by strand and many small attachments which are added. They include micro-bonds.

Secondly, you need to know which one you need and where they can be worn.

1) Temporary ones are good for the weekend party, getaway. It is for those who are comfortable with their hair but would like to add some volume to it.

2) Permanent ones are for those who are disappointed by their hair and require additional hair to gain extra volume and length. Here the microring is one of the popular methods.

3) Invisible Tape in hair extensions is a great preference for Semi-permanent extensions.

Thirdly, you should always prefer natural extensions. Always invest in the highest quality hair. Good quality hair will stay for a longer period of time and will last for many refits so the cost in the longer term is affordable. It should be easily customized in your hair and the stylist should properly style and color it.

Synthetic ones are unnaturally shiny and do not allow heat styling. Synthetic hair does not allow for color blending which is required for most people. They need a good color combination to match their own hair color.

 Fourthly, the cost of the extensions is an important factor. Permanent hair costs more than temporary hair extensions. It requires 2-3 hours for the entire head and that includes labor cost and plus mainly it is the price of the product.

If you are going to wear hair only once, twice in events then temporary hair is the best choice. The main thing is adjusting to the new hair and styling them well. The extensions also face split ends and become dry if not maintained well. So they should be taken care of and styled correctly.

Invisible Hair Extensions are the new type which has come in. They look very natural and are easily fit in than micro rings. The drawback is that they last only for 6-8 months. They have many shades and are a little heavier than micro rings because it contains more hair in it than micro rings.

How Long Do They Last?

One important aspect is how long do these hair extensions last. Micro rings, micro-bonding methods last for 3-4 months before they need to be refitted. Clip-ins can be removed and added as and when required. Tape or weaves last for 6-8 weeks.

Are hair Extensions damaging Hair?

Temporary ones should not be used daily because if they are continuously in one place it can cause long term problems. Permanent hair extensions can be used for a lifetime and it will not damage if they are maintained well. They should be refitted at the properly given time and also should be removed in a salon where it was fixed. People with hair loss should never get extensions. It only masks the problem and it does not fix the problem of hair loss.

Taking Care of Hair Extensions

  1. Avoid oiliness at the roots to prevent the connections from slipping off.
  2. No pulling of hair
  3. Synthetic ones cannot be styled with a hot tool or cannot exceed a certain temperature.
  4. Synthetic extensions cannot be washed. They will be instantly ruined.
  5. Deeply condition your natural extensions and also apply heat defect protection styling spray.

Final Words

Lastly, find an expert salon where hair extensions can be put in. Try out hair extensions Perth and then commit to one. Always get a color matching hair extension and never settle for any which does not match with your natural hair color. Always prefer natural extensions, though it costs more and asks questions to the expert.

Always take up a good aftercare regime and always remember always get the best quality hair even though it costs way more. Take precaution and you will have beautiful, voluminous hair.