Currently baffled on what hair extensions application method to choose? This is often the dilemma that most hair extension wearers face. We find it hard to choose which among the variety of methods: clip in, tape in, skin weft, micro bead and eze weft, is right for us. Fortunately, Human Hair Extensions Online is here to help you overcome such dilemma. With the help of our highly sought-after experts, we will gladly teach you and make you understand the pros and cons of each type of method so you can finally decide which among them would perfectly suit your needs and personal preference. Also, when it comes to hair products , you can also count on us to give you nothing but the best there is in the market. We provide premium quality and durable 100% remy human hair extensions which are available in a wide range of lengths and colours.


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Aside from the quality of the products you utilise, one factor that greatly affects how your extensions appear is the method of application used. There are hair extension methods that require more commitment than the others. Some can be easily done at home while some need professional help for proper installation. Some are ideal for everyday use while others can only last up to few uses. Now, let’s find out which among these options is perfect for you.

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Tape In

This method is suitable for all types of hair and is among the most popular methods there is. They are easy to apply, usually takes about 30 mins to 1 hour of application. They are installed or taped into the hair using single-sided or double-sided polyurethane tapes with no heat tools used which means you don’t have to worry about any heat damage at all. They are ideal for thin and fine hair since they are virtually undetectable and you can easily blend them with your own natural tresses with its easy-to-hide wefts. When it comes to maintaining tape ins, all you need to do is just be careful on the products you apply especially to the roots of your tresses. Avoid using silicone, oil-based or any slippery products near the the adhesive tapes to keep the wefts in places and prevent them from slipping off.

Clip in

If you have medium density hair and want to temporarily wear extensions for a special occasion or an event then the clip in method is your best option. It is super easy to apply that you won’t even need any professional help in doing so. Most often, it would take 10 minutes or less for you to clip the wefts in. Since, they’re made for temporary use, they are way much cheaper than the others. If you want to remove them, you can easily do that on your own as well. The ultimate downside of clip in is it is often bulky and heavy due to the clips attached to the top of the wefts making it not suitable for fine and thin haired people. For maintenance, apply deep conditioner to the strands when they turn dull and avoid frequent washing to prevent them from drying out.

Micro Bead/ i-tip

Micro bead or i-tip is one of the most secure semi-permanent methods especially when done by an expert. The attachment process involves pulling and inserting small sections of hair through stiny beads and securely clamping them right after. The whole process usually runs from four to six hours. It creates zero damage since no heating tools are required during the installation. If securely attached and properly maintained , it could last up to six months or more. This is suitable for people with medium to thick hair but not with those who have thin and fine strands due to the bulkiness and weight of the beads. The same with tape in, you need to avoid using oil based  products near the beads as well.