Brushing your strands may not be as easy as what you think especially when you are wearing hair extensions. The risk of knotting and tangling will always be present. So, it is vital that you make sure that your tresses don’t get damaged with improper hair brushing including the extensions attached to your head. To guarantee zero damage, use a top quality hair extension loop brush which you can get from a trusted supplier such as Human Hair Extensions Online.


Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your extensions in good condition even after they have been attached for a long time. One of the best ways to maintain your hair extension is by brushing the product to keep it free from tangles. However, you have to know the proper way of brushing to ensure that no damage will be done to the product and to your own locks as well.

Brushing Wet Extensions
Step one: After you’re done taking a shower, gently squeeze out excess water from your tresses using a towel. When you do this, avoid rubbing the strands as this could be damaging to the cuticle and could cause tangling and matting especially when you’re using a low-quality type of product.

Step two: Place all of your hair including the extensions to one side in line with the base of your neck Hold it in a low side-ponytail to secure them and to reduce tugging and tension on the weft bonds and strands.

Step three: Start brushing from the bottom, one inch at a time and then slowly work your way up.

Step four: Once the bottom sections are free from tangles, release the rest of your strands and then slowly work your way up until the weft bonds.

Step five: When you reach the top of the weft bonds, glide the brush over the wefts in a gentle manner. Brush the wefts downwards.

Brushing Dry Extensions
Step one: Gather all your strands into one place along with the extensions. Secure using your hand to create a low ponytail at the base of your neck. Continue holding your tresses in this manner as you brush the extensions. Doing this will prevent you from pulling the bonds while brushing.

Step two: Keep in mind to brush your hair along with the product set among it from bottom to top. Slowly remove tangles an inch at a time starting from the tips until your reach the roots and the weft track. This prevents breakage and reduces tugging and pulling of strands as you brush.

Step three: After you get rid of all the tangles, run your fingers around the weft track to ensure that have been damaged or displaced.