Looking absolutely great is one of woman’s top mission. Because you’re a woman you just don’t stop looking for new ways to improve on your appearance it’s a continuing quest.  And changing the colour of of your locks is definitely tops your list. But then again these hair products might give you what you want at the risk of your hair’s health.  So it’s always pays to be cautious on what product you apply to your hair than be forever sorry.  Searching fo other alternatives would be advisable like hair extensions. It can change to tone of your hair or a portion of it without really applying those harsh chemicals.  If you are considering hair extensions the I would recommend Human Hair Extensions Online as they have one of the highest hair quality in the market.  Read more about our products by clicking on the image below.  However . if you are really bent on dyeing your hair, then this article is for you, just continue reading to get the list of top brands.

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Whether you want to touch up the roots or a complete hair make over  you can do it yourself at the comfort of your own home.  I will share a list of hair dye brands mostly recommended by the users themselves, so a visit to your salon will not be necessary.  A sure way to save money and time too. So let us go ahead and go over the list of top 5 hair dye brands on the market now.


Natural instinct by Clairol

This is for those who cannot fully commit because this hair colour is semi-permanent, so its staying power is only limited. However, you will love this product as it is ammonia-free and contains coconut oil and aloe that can deeply moisturize your hair, leaving it soft and shiny.  For this brand you can either go neutral or cool shades for best results as the warmer hues can be a bit orangey for your taste.


Wella Color Charm

Before you can start colouring your hair, you need to get the exact shade of your natural hair according to their colour charts.  Once you know your  natural hair tone it would be easier to pick out the colour for you. A very important thing to remember though is that if you wanted an extreme change colour it is best to go cautiously forward by one tone at a time.  This will give you time to adjust and asses the colour compatibility. You don’t want to experience a hair disaster, do you?


L ‘Oreal Excellence Creme

Want a brand that has loads of options? This is it and not only that, the products also  contains  high quality ingredients with clear instructions.  For an instant grey coverage, this product is highly recommended because it’s  simple to mix and use and provides a perfect coverage and extra hydration to your locks.  Thus, this hair dye brand is the perfect DIY at home.


Clairol Root Touch-Up

Hair is growing and your natural hair colour is showing  so what do you do? Don’t Panic, a visit to the salon won’t be necessary, you can do it yourself at home. It is super easy to use, just remember to pick out a tone that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your hair and you are good to go. Make sure to cover all those roots properly.


Garnier Olia

Garnier Olia is one of the few oil-based dye  that  makes your hair shiny and moisturized after dyeing your hair. It is a high quality, ammonia-free product  that  guarantees  a salon-like finish.


That’s all folks,  hope you enjoyed the blog.  Make use of the list for the best hair dyeing experience.