You might be surprised to know that humans shed anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. But just like your favourite pups and other furry pals, shedding is natural to humans, especially when we aged. Our hair grows and sheds because of different factors like nutrition, hygiene, stress, and daily styling that all play a big role in the volume of hair we lose daily. That’s about 350-700 strands a week! I reckon you run into this familiar situation every day in your shower as you shampoo and condition or brush your hair. A surprising number of strands come out and slip down the drain, but you don’t realise the consequence it causes in your plumbing system until it starts acting up. So, what should you do with these hairs falling off in the shower? 

While it’s tempting and easier to flush the hair down the toilet or in the shower drain than throwing it into the rubbish, it is a “no-no” thing to do. That’s why brushing your hair and dumping those falling hair in the bin before it slough off in the showers before taking a bath is not just hygienic but also an excellent practice to keep the water in your drains flowing smoothly out of your household. Trust us; it makes more sense to throw them into the bin if you’re better off not running into major plumbing misfortunes in the future, which can be a pain in your pocket. The toilet itself is likely to get clogged by hair straight away, depends on the volume you flushed down, but the pipes further down the line most definitely can, over time. 

How flushing your hair in the toilet causes a blocked drain?

Unlike other biological material, hair breaks down slowly, and it remains in its place after being flushed down because of surface tension. As a result, it balls up during flushes, makes its way to the drains, and cause a blocked drain. If you have a newly installed drain pipe, you might not stumble into this kind of problem. If you have a primitive or older drain pipe with rough areas due to daily wear and tear and other not visible obstructions like root intrusions already present down the line, chances are it will catch the hair that goes its way and makes the problem even worse. The longer and the curlier your hair, the more it can catch up on small bumps in your pipes. Hence the reason why hair tops the culprit’s list for a blocked drain in households. The only way to effectively clear these obstructions when it gets to this extent is to consider a blocked drain repair or pipe relining.

Blocked drain cleaning how can it effectively remove clogged hair?

Before reaching your go-to, quick-fix chemicals, how natural option sounds to you? Yes, absolutely helpful and environmentally-friendly! With the right mix, salt and baking soda, vinegar, and baking soda are great tandems effective in clearing the drains. However, if the problem is beyond what your eyes can see, this natural remedy will never accomplish the result that you want to achieve. The same is true with an auger or a plumber’s snake, as it can only clear hair blockages that are reachable. The plunger may be able to remove the clogs with good suction but is always dependent on your plunging skills. On the other note, using chemicals is quick and useful, but, can only introduce more problems in your plumbing system. These create a chemical reaction that can crack your expensive porcelain toilet and soften plastic pipes. Chemicals poured down sits in the toilet bowl, or farther down your drain pipes until the clog dissolves. That means, the more it is sitting in your drain pipes, the more it produces problems.

The best way to clear hair-invaded drains is to prevent having to run into this problem in the first place. But, let’s face it; this is a situation that every household may run into from time to time, knowing the hair has a knack for sneaking into the drains pipe. But, do not be despair, a few good shower habits like covering your hair with a shower cap if you’re taking a shower or bath but not planning to wash your hair, brushing before you bathe, and using a drain trap that has small holes to catch your hair sufficiently helps big time! 

The handy tips highlighted may be of great help to you on how to go about blocked drain cleaning, but, if you’re badly faced with an awful hairy situation today where unclogging seems very tough to do, it would be a wise decision to opt for pipe relining

Let’s face it, you’re no plumber, and complex blocked drain repair jobs are better left for the professionals to do.