There could be several reasons to use a hair colour chart, but before getting to the topic you can view our hair colour chart at this site. Human Hair extensions online offers the widest range in colours and lengths than any other hair supplier in Australia. I highly recommend our tape-in or clip-in hair extensions which are highly in demand in the hair industry. If you are unsure of the right shade to use you can chat with our friendly customer service to assist you. You can also send a picture of your hair but make sure you have taken the pictures in natural light as indoor light can alter the actual tone of your hair.

Submit a photo of your actual hair here to match it to the right hue:


Can be used as a colour template

Hair colour chart can be used as your personal guide for the hair shades they have available in their online store. This also assists you in finding the right match for your hair tone.


As a means to start selling hair extensions

The hair colour chart could also be a way of starting a hair extensions business for you. You can start with your circle of friends, ask them if they wanted to try wearing hair extensions, especially on special events where they would need an extra volume or length. Your colour chart will make choosing the right colour easier for them.

A good tool in picking out the right highlight or lowlights for you

The use of clip-in extensions as highlights is safer compared to subjecting your locks to harsh chemicals that dries out your hair making them prone to breakage. With your hair colour chart you can help them choose the exact colour to pick as highlights or lowlights or both.

To avoid colour mismatch when ordering hair extensions

This is also very helpful if you are thinking of getting a full head hair extensions, as you can physically compare your hair tone with the hair colour chart. Thus, there are less chances of ever having hair colour mismatch. So it will save you the hassles of returning and exchanging it for another colour.

If you have any other ideas on how to use hair colour chart to your advantage we would love to hear them.